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  1. I joined this forum because I've been all over the Crown website and the web in general looking for info to fix my dead UT2020 aka Ultratech 2020. Crown doesn't list it on their discontinued products list. I've seen it on eBay, so I know I'm not completely crazy (mostly, maybe, but that's another topic). Does the ut2020 go by another name? The problem, BTW, is this: on power up, the speaker relays drop in after a short delay, then immediately drop out, then cut in after a short delay, then drop out, and so on. If I disconnect the speakers it stops cycling. The speakers are known to be good. It does this with other speakers as well. If no speakers are connected it comes up normally. Again: the speakers are known to be good, and it does this with other known-good speakers. Any info about the problem or the amp itself would be cherished! Thanks!