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  1. I have just seen a place that's the new CLS series, I have seen that my CLSC15 should be 400W program, measured over 100h, and i haven't had any problems with giving them 400W. I have seen that measured them to be about 4 Ohms, an on there back it says 4-8Ohms. How are the fans running on the two other models looked at? the Macro-Tech MA-602 and the CTs600? cause I am looking fore a amp that also can drive a little more detailed then those CV speakers i got now.
  2. Hey. I am thinking about getting a Crown amp to power my Cerwin-Vega CLSC15, but witch amp should i bay? I am going to use it in my room, so I don't want any fan noise, but temperature controlled fans are okay. I have fought about getting the Macro-Tech 602, the CTs 600 or the XTi 1000, but witch one of them has the cleanest sound, and would be the best at powering my 400Wrms, 15" speakers? And what is most important low THD or high damping factor?