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  1. So the power button on my XLS402 disappeared(yeah, weird right?). You can still turn the amp on and off but you have to use something like a pen to press the button inside. Are replacement buttons available?
  2. XTi Band Manager Gain structure

    Hi Kevin, glad I got you. I know, keep thinking I am doing something stupid, but I dont know what it is?? I dont have the ability to do this right now, no sine wave generator. What I have done in the past to set gain structure is to run pink noise into a chanel, set the board channel gains until I am just cliping then adjust all of the gains in the signal chain until they were just clipping and thus have a more-or-less gain balanced system. When I try to do this, I just red-line the input indicators on bandmanager, and presumably the amps (all of them). Could this be an inout sensitivity setting issue?? Setting all of your channel gains to just below clip is why you can't push your master to unity without clipping. Try setting the channel gains to were they just start to flicker the +3 light on the meter. You should be able to run at unity with no issues. You'll probably find that your mix will sound better as well.
  3. The XTi amps are extremely dependent on proper mains voltage. Proper voltage and stiff rails make a huge difference in their performance. A drop of even 5 volts will decrease output power. That being said, the case is the same with most non touring level amplifiers using switchmode power supplies(xti, PLX, Euro-whatever, IPR, etc).
  4. IT8000 amp 20 amp Edison plugs

    The program is heavily compressed Electronic Music, 10ft 12 gauge speaker cable runs, 4/4 feeder, distro wired with 10 gauge throughout and a loaded voltage of 116.
  5. IT8000 amp 20 amp Edison plugs

    I call BS on the current draw. Loaded 4 ohms a side (EAW SB1000z) just below clip, WILL blow a 20 amp breaker. Both my 6000 and 9000HD will do this. I'll run a 10 hour show with zero clip errors but pop a breaker 3 times. Going to 30 amp circuit solved the problem. Maybe it is what is being played through it. If you plan on running subs on these with anything serious in the low-end, do yourself a favor and put them on a 30.
  6. Do I need to change anything settings to get it to run on 220V or is it ready to go? Also, what kind of plug do I need for it and will an L6-30 hot/hot/ground work for the amplifier? Thanks. Chris
  7. XTi Turn OFF thump

    It is being shut down in the proper order. Amps 1st then down the line. It's just a slight pop, but was curious none the less.
  8. XTi2000 died

    I am unable to reference the amp right now but have you checked the fuse or circuit breaker.