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    Massive audio equipment setups. For example at large arenas, reggae dance- clashes,old school sound competitions(4 2400 crowns min.)
  1. Transistor types

    Many thanks ,Dave. I appreciate the reply.
  2. Main Board

    Hi Forum, I am looking for a main module for a macro tech 2400. I recently bought the amplifier and found some of the close traces of one channel is badly burnt. D 6978-7 or Q 42777-5 would be fine.
  3. Transistor types

    Dear forum, My Macro tech 2400 has D 6729-4 npn p/o transistors, but the service manual calls for C 8187-4. Does the C 8187-4 has any advantage over the D 6729-4 ? And are they interchangeable? Thanks fer the help.