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  1. If you are on a really tight budget, the DSi (Or CDi if you have 70v) with a USB Anywhere device will give you what you are asking for. It doesn't have On/Off but you can mute things and that amp can stay on 24/7 with no problems. You won't have current monitoring either.
  2. XTi EQ

    Having the wireless link is really nice. It allows you to walk the room with your laptop or tablet and tweak the individual zones. Quite a few of the systems I work with have 8-12 amps or more and it's nice to be able to save the customer $5000-$8000 by not having to get that dsp... BUT, if I can't talk to all amps involved all the time, SA is rather useless. I can still make adjustments in 5 amp chunks if I plan things our correctly, I can make that fly but it's a hassle.
  3. Little or no bass

    I'm not all that familiar with the Yamaha speakers but it's been my experience that in live sound, you really need 18" drivers in order to "feel" the subs. Feeling the subs generally happens around 30-35hz and most 15" low boxes can't get that low. Check your spec and if it says something like "35Hz at -10db" for the low end response then you're probably out of luck. I'm also assuming that your crossover, eq, etc is all set correctly.
  4. XTi EQ

    Great Panel Headliner!! I've put similar panels together but the systems I have been doing use 5-10 amps. I tried controlling 10 amps as a unit a couple weeks ago with a pair of USB Anywhere devices. Everything starts up fine but after a few minutes, various amps will drop off line and wont' come back so all my cool pages with the group mutes and Eq's don't talk to everyone. Has anyone out there used SA with multiple XTi/CDi/DSi amps? How many were you talking to at once and what USB interface were you using? I had run my USB Anywhere devices through a standard Linksys wireless router with everyhting DHCP. I've used the USB Anywhere on smaller systems with nary a problem so I was surprised that this didn't work.
  5. There are numerous threads on how to set that dude up. Basically, download System Architect, hook up to the amp with a USB cable, start the program and you are off to the races. It will probably ask if you want to upgrade the firmware and you say yes. Once firmware is updated, double click on the amp that it pulls up and you should be able to figure things from there. It's fairly intuitive so give yourself some time to figure it out and you should be ok. Don't wait until gig day because it's not QUITE that intuitive. If you are looking for directions to the front panel controls, I've never set one up that way so I really can't help you there. Good Luck.
  6. Low output level - Preamp?

    This should work. I've used it in systems where I needed to convert unbalanced from a consumer CD player for example to a pro level balanced signal. RDL FP-UBC2 It's two channel but I don't know of any single channel devices off the top of my head. Don't forget that it needs a 24vDC power supply to go with it. It won't come with one. Good Luck.
  7. All Crown amps I've dealt with use pins 1+ & 2+ of the first channel when going bridged and I don't see the XS being any different. I checked the manual and oddly enough, it's not mentioned. However, in the pin out diagram on page 7 it shows how to wire both channel 1 & 2 from output #1 so I see no reason to be able to access the bridge function by using the positive leads. Hope this helps.
  8. I upgraded the other day and it seems that it has really slowed down a bit. I'm finding myself waiting longer and longer for the custom pages to update after I make changes. It seems like I've waited as long as 30 seconds before it's caught up enough to accept any commands. When making custom pages, this is an eternity. None of my other programs have slowed down any so I know it's not my machine. The other programs are London Architect, EASE, AutoCAD and such. Has anyone else noticed this? My laptop is not the latest thing but it does have a P4 2.2g processer with 1G of ram and lots of open drive space.
  9. I tried looking up the Powersoft line but it doesn't seem to be on the Crown website. Check the damping factor for Powersoft. It's pretty low. I might try it for a commercial application that had no rack space but for music, you really should stick with a product designed for music. You should stick with Crown.
  10. Glass is very correct. Hanging speakers outside on light poles may seem like a simple deal but without proper thought, those are the jobs that will make you look the most ridiculous. For example, with the distances you are describing, the main thing you will probably run into is the time delay issue. For example, with one speaker 75' from a listener and another 150', with the listener between the two, the result can be terrible. If the speakers aren't aimed properly, the listener will hear very clearly both speakers but with about 65 milliseconds delay between them and no matter what you do, the low end will be heard from both sources. Yes, the farther one will not be as loud but it can still cause problems. You will find that the reps are really cool guys and extremely knowledgeable and quite frankly, they live for this stuff. I know our guy here in the Houston area from Dobbs/Stanford is great and a wealth of experience and information. For general power level rules of thumb for 70v systems, there have been a couple threads here already that can help. http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php...hl=70v+speakers Good luck.
  11. I thought I said that.
  12. XTi 1000 FW

    Whenever you do a firmware update, the presets are usually lost. You probably need to simply rebuild them from scratch. Hopefully you saved them on your pc. I'm not sure if that's your problem. If your amp still works properly, you probably have no problems and the firmware change is just making the leds work differently.
  13. Several XTI problems

    Firmware upgrades tend to fix specific problems that people find with the amps. Since it only takes 10 minutes to do the firmware, I'd do it just as a matter of course. Make sure you only run two amps per 20 amp circuit. Check to see if it loses USB connectivity when it's the only unit attached to your computer. Your hub may have a funky port. I've only used the USB anywhere so I don't have any experience with any other types of USB hubs. If the problem still follows the amp, then it may just need to go in for warranty work. I suspect that your top amp is in need of some repair.
  14. The IT8 will probably do ok. Just don't turn it up too loud. I'm so funny....... Actually, the XTi1000 would be perfect or the XLS402 if you are on a tight budget and already have some sort of room EQ. If you have the matching subs then I would stick with the XTi because that damping factor spec maked a HUGE difference in the low end. One XTi1k for the tops and one XTi1k bridged for the subs.
  15. Either amp would be fine. Those two are so close power wise, I always wondered why Crown made both. They seem to have the same power supply and they have identical specs except for the slight difference in power output.