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  1. well, I tried all the recommendations, and nothing worked
  2. thanks, brubart. I did do all the setup steps you recommend, but the lapel mic recommendation sure would be an expedient alternative! I'll give it a try. brad
  3. hmmm, this is interesting; this adapter you mention sounds like a "Y" adapter, so it sounds like you're saying to split the laptop/preamp stereo input into a pair of mono inputs (female)-- is that right? Then, I would plug the mic mono jack into one of the female mono jacks on the "Y" adapter? That's something I haven't tried. Do you think I can find such a "Y" adapter? edit: is this it? thx again, brad
  4. my laptop is about a year old (Compaq Presario V2000), and I have also tried a preamp-- the iMic from Griffin Technology. Still, nothing, though.
  5. Hi, I've been experimenting with an omnidirectional boundary mic (PZM) so I can record meetings directly to my laptop. The mic I've tried is from Radio Shack (33-3041), but it doesn't appear to be compatible. It has a 1/8" mono jack, and it works fine with a cassette recorder, but not with the laptop. I've tried a usb preamp device (iMic from Griffin Technology) but that setup is not working either; I've also tried a mono-to-stereo adapter, with no luck. A lapel-type mic is working fine with all these components (it has a stereo jack). So, I know that all the individual pieces are working, I just can't figure out how to make them work together (PZM to Laptop). I've been told that Crown's Sound Grabber II is made for this type of application, but since it also has a mono jack, I'm hesitant to invest in another similar mic. Can someone set me straight on what I'm trying to do? thanks, brad