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  1. 180MAx Stuck at Downloading

    I am new at this... I just plugged the RS232 port into the com port of my computer and now I have a full signal! If I unplug the RS232 caple and turn the amp back on it just says "downloading" and the signal strength is really low. Plug the RS232 back in, turn the amp back on and 100% signal strength and I see all of the XM channels...what in the world am I missing?
  2. I just purchased a new Crown 180MAx ... I activated my RadioID but now I am having trouble....the unit is always displaying Downloading and that's it for about a day now. I finally shut the power off and pulled the power plug and then a minute later I plugged it back in ....still the same thing. I have put multiple antennas on the back because I have noticed the that signal bar is always 1/4 full. I am using a quality antenna in the right direction...I have it hooked up to my personal unit to test the signal/reception of antenna and then hooked it up to the Crown 180MAx and nothing... Is there any way to reset something? Thanks for any help, mg