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  1. Can anyone tell me the typical wait time on non-warranty service? I sent a K2 for service in early July and still havent heard anything back. I check with Customer Support and it was definitely checked in on July 10th, but they have been too busy to get to it...I havent even been given a repair estimate yet! Has anyone else experienced such a seemingly long delay in service?
  2. Help with shorted out K2

    Thanks guys...i've sent it in for repair.
  3. Channel 1 of my K2 drives a sub (this is a home theater environment). Last night the channel got shorted during program material. There was a large spark at the speaker terminals (where two banana plugs touched) and the K2 died. I unplugged everything from the amp and replaced the main fuse (which had blown). Now when I turn the amp on there is a click, then all of the channel 1 lights light up for a split second and then the amp turns off. After some time I can repeat the process, but the amp will not stay on. (this is still with nothing connected at the inputs or outputs) I assume there is some internal damage to the channel, but is there anything else I should try before sending to crown for repair? (unfortunately its way out of warranty).