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  1. Can somebody please help me, We bought some Amplifiers (Xs1200 5pcs & Xls602 8pcs total 13pcs) at about Aug. 2004 few of which have gone faulty & have being reactivated but for 3pcs of Xs1200 and a Xls602 which are still faulty. For these your assisstance is preciouslly needed. (1) When switched on the power Led temporarily light up but soon give way to the faulty Led Blinking on & off so Amp. fails to operate. (2) The power Led lights up but also goes off almost immidiately and starts to blink on & off, faulty Led starts to bink very rapidly,the Clip Leds also begin to blink but less frequently with low briliance. (3) The third behaves just like that in (2) . The Xls602 has failed to com on it only lights the fauty LED. As a Technician i will need your able assisstance as regards the mentioned faults above and relative causes. Most inportantly, please i will appreciate getting a schematic diagram for each of the amplifiers (Xs1200 and Xls602 Crown). Expecting to receive these informations from you soonest,BYE. The Serial Nos. of the faulty Amlifiers are GXS1200CEXS12C00259, GXS1200CEXS12C00 227 & GXS1200CEXS12C00220, and the Xls602 is A323818--0083 respectively. koleejesu.