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  1. Hi,I have an xti4000 which is showing a signal as being present on channel 2 even though it is not connected to anything! The fault is not always present and can sometimes be cleared by turning off and then back on again. Any thoughts? I bought the amp approx 15 months ago in the uk,I assume any faults could be done under warranty,but where would I have to take it to be repaired? Many thanks--Andy Dunn
  2. xti 4000's connections

    Thanks, i'll have a look when i get them,hopefully tommorrow.Incidently,do you have to send the amps back to the usa for any repairs necessary or is there a service centre in the uk?
  3. Hi,i want to use the dsp in the 4000's to act as my crossovers.Ihave two amps,one for bass and one for top end.How do i connect the mixer to both amps with only one left and right feed coming off the mixer?
  4. Hi, I have just purchased 2 x accoustic sound systems sp4's,and 2 x accoustic sound systems sb500 bins which are loaded with jbl 22260 drivers.The view is to double up on the cabinets.Icurrently have 2 x xti4000's,could you suggest the appropriate settings please!.