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  1. XTi 1000 Constant Hiss

    David, Yeah, the hissing is constant regardless is the inputs are connected or not. I have gone through three of them, and they all make the same hissing sound. If I had to guess, I would say the sound is around 10-15 khz and around 50db at 1 meter. It sounds like white noise. It is only noticeable with soft music or music with no high frequency information. I am pretty sure it is because of the ADC-DAC conversion of the DSP. It happens whether i have the DSP engaged or not. Since this amp is pretty much the only one with a built in crossover and loop outs at this price point, I will stick with it. I just wanted to let you know that the amp does make a hissing sound with very efficient tweeters with a quiet ambiance.
  2. XTI 1000 Ch. 2 Driving BOTH channels!

    After turning my system upside down, I figured it out. I ran balanced to the amp and then used the loop outs to run a pair of XLR to RCA (unbalanced) cables to my sub. Once I unplugged the cables, all was well (except the hiss, but I can live with that for the power I need at that price point). I am now looking into a way to drive my sub somehow. I looked into the ART Clean Box, but it attenuates signals lower than 30hz from what I hear. Any other suggestions?
  3. Hi all, Well, I exchanged my hissy XTI 1000 in hopes it was a fluke. The new one hisses just as much, but now I have a problem. I have the DSP completely off. I want the XTi to act as a stereo amp, and for some reason, channel 2 is driving both channels. When I plug in only channel 1, it plays in my left speaker weakly. I am at my witts end over this. I could live with the hiss, but to not have proper stereo channels WILL drive me nuts. Please help!!!
  4. XTi 1000 Constant Hiss

    Well, it looks like one of the red binding posts is not soldered to the mainboard. It looks like I have to RMA it. Does anyone know if constant hissing is a normal occurance with the XTI amps with very efficient speakers? It is past the 30 return policy of Guitar Center, and I would hate to be stuck with an amp that makes my speaskers hiss all the time...
  5. XTi 1000 Constant Hiss

    Hi All, I have an XTi 100 hooked up to a pair of Klipsch Rf-7's. Even with no input cables hooked up to the amp, the tweeters are making a constant hiss. I have the amp plugged in and the speaker cable into the speakers, that's it. This hiss does not increase or decrease in volume at all regardless of the input attenuation knob position. The hiss only goes away when I shut off the amp. I am poitive it is the amp, but I have no idea as to fixing the hiss. Any ideas?
  6. XTI Crossover Question

    Well, it only has two mono 1/4" outs that can be either balanced or unbalanced. It is really easy to go back and forth, I just have to adjust it in software. I will set it up when I have a chance. As it is now, it sounds like I might have better luck with unbalanced since there is no conversion from balanced to unbalanced, yes?
  7. XTI Crossover Question

    Well, I guess I will not have any trouble with ground hum, yes? The whole line will be unbalanced...
  8. XTI Crossover Question

    Are you saying that if I were to choose to run a pair of XLR to RCA cables from the XTI to my sub, the connection from my balanced soundcard to the XTI will be unbalanced as well? I have the option to run either balanced or unbalanced with my soundcard, but I would prefer balanced to my XTI.
  9. XTI Crossover Question

    DGlass, do you have any opinions on my preset attempt?
  10. XTI Crossover Question

    If I understand you correctly, what I am trying to do will work correctly with the DSP cutting low frequencies and both amps will be driving identical frequency ranges (aside from the fact that the stereo signal will pretty much prevent identical amp loads). The only caveat perhaps might be that due to the fact that the XLR outs to the sub will be unbalanced, and therefore, the entire signal chain might be unbalanced. I really hope that is not the case...
  11. XTI Crossover Question

  12. XTI Crossover Question

    Hello, I have been experimenting with the System Architect software, and I have a question. I plan to run a 2ch computer setup. I will run balanced from my E-Mu 1212M to my XTI 1000. The XTI 1000 will power a pair of Klipsch RF-7s. I will then use the XLR outs on the XTI 1000 to power my SVS PB12-ISD which has RCA inputs. I have all necessary cables, but I have a question about how to cut anything under 60hz for my RF-7s, and anything under 60hz will be handled by my sub's crossover. What I have done is create an independent crossover for channel 1 and channel 2 in the System Architect software for my XTI that uses a Butterworth 24dB/oct set at 60hz. The crossover slope looks much better than if I use a Low Shelf Filter set at 60hz, as the Low Shelf begins to gradually attenuate at 1khz according to the graph. My question is this, in all the documentation I have read, if one is to use the crossover feature, channel one will power LF and channel 2 will power HF. What I am gathering is that this feature is more to bi-amp rather than to create a crossover to cut low frequencies to the mains. My concern is that I am using the DSP incorrectly and that each channel will have a mismatch in output. Am I wrong? Could I use what I made in System Architect to run stereo floorstanders so that they and my sub are crossed over at 60hz? Would both channels in the XTI be essentially identical in their role of amplifying anything over 60hz to my mains? Thanks in advance for your help