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  1. XLS802D Power supply

    Any news is better than none in this case! I kinda figured that could be a problem. I've had the bad luck of getting two 120v versions shipped to europe and I'm just trying to solve my own mess here! Would there be any way to obtain the 230v power supplies and have a authorized dealer install them for me to preserve the warranty? Thanks
  2. XLS802D Power supply

    Would anyone know the powerrating of the 80v secondary output on this torroid at the least? According to the dimensions of the original transformer I would guess 800-1000VA... -Jaspee
  3. Hi, Does anyone on the forum have technical data on the torroid used as powersupply for the XLS802D amp? All I can find is that there is two outputs on the secondary side with 80.7v and 18.3v (latter used for the control electronics as far as I understand). I need information on what capacity each of the secondary side outputs needs to provide to function properly with the XLS802. Any info regarding this, or where to get a hold of two original torriods with 240v primary is appriciated. -Cheers!