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  1. xti 4000

    My xti 4000 will drop out one or both channels under normal use. Sometimes channel 2 will not operate on start-up but will engage with a sharp hand slap on the top of the case. What will cure these symptoms?
  2. Outpput EQ on XTi

    Crown is either keeping important information secret or they continue to be careless in marketing their products. Certainly adding 2 more filters is important for consumers. I haven't see this information posted anywhere and I haven't been notified, as a Crown customer and user, of important beneficial changes. Is there a file we can download from Crown where all the changes listed are explained? Can we read about the additions and changes anywhere?
  3. XTI 4000 Instructions

    I brought this issue up to the moderators last year. I guess the manual hasn't had an update yet. Again, consumers, including the Pro Audio group, will benefit from a more comprehensive instruction manual and more information regarding installation and use of the IQ network.
  4. XTI 4000 Instructions

    I brought this issue up to the moderators last year. I guess the manual hasn't had an update yet. Again, consumers, including the Pro Audio group, will benefit from a more comprehensive instruction manual and more information regarding installation and use of the IQ network.
  5. Intermittent left channel

    Thanks DGlass
  6. Intermittent left channel

    Hi DGlass, Thanks for the answer. Do you suggest sending the amp to the factory for repair?
  7. Intermittent left channel

    Funny thing . . . . that's the reason given by the factory techs when I sent the amp to the factory for a completely disabled left channel. Do they have a "permanent" ribbon cable fix?
  8. Circuit Breaker for MA5000VZ

    You posed an interesting question re: transformer based amps VS switching mode and/or capacitor bank amps such as the Itech series. I'm anxious to hear the Crown answer.
  9. I have an XTi 4000 running a subwoofer in a home theater setup. Shortly after turning the amp on, the left channel cuts out . . . . completely. Sometimes the second green indicator light comes on even though there is no incoming signal. A sharp knuckle rap on the top of the amp near the left channel line of green lights usually cures the problem. The left channel then remains operational and the green lights work correctly. Is there a quick fix I can do at home or is it time to send it to the factory?
  10. Schematic

    I have an XTi 4000 can I get a schematic?
  11. I'm using "System Architect" with an XTi 4000 to drive a sub cab. Regarding the EQ SETTINGS ON-SCREEN WINDOW; Can the on-screen bandwidth be changed to show and operate within 20Hz to 200Hz instead of 20Hz to 20,000Hz? I'd like to be able to use all six adjustable EQ filters within the 20Hz to 200Hz bandwidth. AS it displays now, there is not sufficient room to easily move and adjust all six EQ filters within the 20Hz to 200Hz area Having more "Horizontal" display area would make adjustments on all six EQ filters easier.
  12. XTi1000 performance questions

    Dear Crown, Thanks for the extra interest shown in us Home Theater enthusiasts and our sometimes insane desire to know how, why, and how much. Your tests are more in line with the advertised data sheet for the XTi 1000 although still significantly short of the power in watts expected by the consumer. The tester on the AVS forum did have his voltage stabilized by a variac when running the tests. The amps internal protections could, as you suggested, have caused some drop in power or even caused oscillations during his testing below 50HZ. A more simple and reasonable explanation would be a faulty amp. I will return to the AVS forum and suggest the tester notify the amps owner to submit it to Crown for evaluation and repair/replacement if necessary. And thanks too for the information that only some of Crown's products are produced off shore, the XTi NOT being one of them.
  13. XTi1000 performance questions

    2500 watts? In a home theater? and the very ground shook. Exactly my point!! With drivers like Elemental Designs, Accoupower, and TC Sounds LMS 5400 the Home Theater crowd don't have to limit the response of their systems to a low of 30-40 HZ like your touring bands do. Real in-home replay of DVD Movies Like "War Of The Worlds" takes power . . . . . and we want to . . . . . . "shake the ground". Full response 20HZ to 20K HZ takes a lot of POWER and we're trying to find an AMP, ANY amp that will live up to the advertised data sheet.
  14. XTi1000 performance questions

    Your answer would indicate that you have never measured the amplifier output at 20, 40, or 50 Hz. Your brochures certainly do not mention anywhere that the amplifier will perform its rated power at anything other than 1,000 Hz. I do not understand why it has taken the better part of a week to respond to a charge made that your XTi1000 amplifier doesn't work well at all and when you do respond, you say it will take a few more days for "testing and analysis". Has Crown produced an amplifier that they have not designed or tested? This never would have happened in the old days. Chuck Chuck, I'm thinking "The Old Days" included the designing, testing, measuring, production, etc. of the CROWN products right here in the good ole USA. Currently and ever since the corporate realignment and buyout, my guess is that "designing, testing , measuring, and production, etc." is done OFFSHORE somewhere and it's only when a group or a persistent individual brings a product issue to the attention of CROWN on this forum that on shore techs and engineers even get involved. The XTi issue is a good example. The admission that the "Burst test" was added to the I TECH product is another good example. I wonder how much, if any, feed back from the CROWN people in Indianna ever gets back to the factory wherever that is. Mr. DGlass, is it possible you onshore engineers and techs could provide a complete test of the entire XTi amp line-up showing the power performance from 10HZ to 300HZ? The Home Theater consumer is looking for a suitable amp with enough power to run large subs for in home use. The XTi has the correct DSP circuitry already installed but we're not sure of the power performance when used with powerful 2500 watt subs.
  15. XTi Challenged

    The amps which have multiple signal paths and hookup choices need a better and more clearly written operators manual. Add to that amps with DSP, PEQ, and HiQ network capability need a much more complete operators manual.