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  1. Itech AES input Sens

    Thank you David, I did have a feeling I had asked the question before, I really should of searched a little harder, I blame the slow dial up here in Italy Thanks Matt
  2. Itech AES input Sens

    When using Itec amplifiers with their AES inputs, at what level FS is the maximum output of the the amplifier achieved? Eg I want the amplifier to be a at a maximum output level when I have an input of -10dBFS to prevent digital clip. Or are they set to be a clip when you reach digital clip?
  3. Itech amplifier questions

    Are there articles explaining the use of the AES input on the Itech amplifiers? what is the dBFS input sensitivity of the amplifiers? There are limiter settings in the vertec aplication guide for itech amplifiers but these are in the analog world but the Itech comp limiters are in the digital world what is the convertion for crown amplifiers, 18 or 24 db Are there any examples of how Crown calulate the peak voltage & power for drivers as I cant get my maths to match, but its late here so it may be brain ache. Thanks Matt
  4. User Labels-IQwic

    I have just had the same problem with labels then came searching the forums, I am trying to create a file for 15 amplifiers and it is very hard with no labels. At the moment it is not possible to connect to the amplifers as the venue is still been built, is there a way to add text lables for each amplifier in the IQwic software or do I just have to stick with a paper crib sheet
  5. Hi All Can someone give me a list of which OIF files apply for each product. Thanks