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  1. I had the same problem. I corrected it by installing windows.net version 2.0 (downloaded from Harman, same place as System Architect 1.4). That cured the problem - I had an earlier version on my system. Good luck! thanks for that info. It worked like a charm after loading windows framenet 2.0. thanks
  2. I just bought a XTi2000 (manufacture date 11/06/06)and i'd like to program the DSP functions of it. I've connected the XTi2000 via the USB port to my cpu and it detected it and loaded the appropriate drivers to communicate to it. I've downloaded System Architect 1.4 onto my Pent. 3.0 desktop cpu running Winxp with newest downloads. While installing the program (Sys Arc 1.4) on my cpu i get the error: error 1304: error writing file infragistics2.win.ultrawintabbedmdi.v6.1.dll verify that you have access to that directory. Now i've disabled my antivirus, file auto protect and my windows firewall. and rerun it a few times after rebooting and still the same error. What else can anyone suggest that I try? thanks