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  1. Thanks for the reply... I looked through the docs but did not notice any mention of triggers or remote turn on. Calling D Glass... TIA, AL
  2. Hey, I have been looking at the DSI series of amplifiers and I have a quick question. What is a Switch-mode universal power supply? I noticed that it does not have 12 volt triggers. Is this used in lieu of them? If not, what are people using to remotely turn on their amps? Thanks for the help, AL
  3. Hello! I am trying to understand how one would connect more than 6 amps to this system. For instance: I have 3 JBL Pro 3632T, 4 8340A and 2 4642C (this is for example, I do not actually own them.. yet ) There are a total of 9 amps (6 for tri-amp lcr, 2 for surrounds and 1 for subs). The DSI 8M has 6 inputs/outputs. Can I connect the 2 amps for each lcr to the system? (I noticed on the applications tab, for Extra-Large Tri-Amplified System, it does not show a DSI 8M) TIA, AL