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  1. Crown K2 Problems

    Hello all I have a couple of K2's that are giving me trouble. One is dead and won't power up. I waisted the last 2 months trying to get this repaired local. I am in Western Canada. Your Canadian Distributor has been less than cooperative. They don't want me to ship it there because they are in the midst of moving etc etc. Thats been going on for a couple of months now. They also did not express much interest in fixing a K series amp. The serial on the above unit is 119965. I have a second K2 thats operating but has an intermittent problem. With volume knobs turned up full but "NO" signal at the input...the channel LED's flicker back and forth from Left to Right for 10 -20 seconds then there is a pop on the bass drivers the amp is powering. Its not a serious high volume pop, but I suspect over time it will become one. Could it be a bad electrolytic cap? If so, on which board? This units serial is A130877 I am not sure how Crown does their numbering but would it be possible to swap modules between these 2 units to have one working properly? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Ken toll free at 888-782-6333
  2. K2 not powering up completely

    Kevin I appreciate the fact that most distributors would be pro active.....Hermes is not....they are more interested in selling me a replacement. Based on your experience......any hints to what may be the problem? I am driving up to California in mid April......will take it with me. Can you suggest a repair center there? Ken
  3. I am in Mexico where the power is not the most consistent. I use a powervar 1200 for my hi-fi gear to help prevent premature failure but my K2 amp has stopped working. The final relay that activates the output to the speaker connections is not clicking on. This amp is not driven hard at all. Its used to power the woofers on my 4-way system.The load is 4 ohms. I am in Cabo San Lucas. Is there anyone here that can repair this amp? Can someone tell me what may be the problem? Thanks.
  4. What amp would you suggest

    A number of other amps besides I-Tech have built-in DSP. Have you looked at the product literature? I don't work for Crown so I can suggest you fish, instead of me just giving you a fish. Yes I see that...thanks. Not being familiar with these other models I thought maybe I could get a short list. Thanks
  5. Hi all I am using a K2 to drive my dual 4ohm woofers on my Westlake HR7 speakers.....sounds great. I now have a Deqx crossover but its only a 3-way......don't want to add a second Deqx for $$$ obvious reasons. What current production model has built in crossover filters so I can use a 3-way active crossover for my 4-way system? I want the amp to crossover at 450hz. I will use the Deqx 3-way active crossover for the rest. The I-Tech would do it but I was hoping for a less expensive lower powered solution? Although the FIR filters are awsome.....they are not needed at such a low xover freq. 600 watts a side is plenty. Thanks for your help. Ken