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  1. Great - thanks for the quick reply! We currently are running the subs with one on each stereo channel, as you suggest. I just don't want to under-power the subs. You're right that the sound is great. One sub probably would have been enough...
  2. I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge in this area. I know just enough to be dangerous. I've also tried to use the search feature to find an answer, but I'm not sure what I'm reading. This setup is for a live band. We have a Crown K2, and want to power two JBL MP418S subs. The K2 power ratings are 2 ohm Stereo (per channel) 1,250W 4 ohm Stereo (per channel) 800W 8 ohm Stereo (per channel) 500W 4 ohm Bridge-Mono 2,500W 8 ohm Bridge-Mono 1,600W The power ratings for the MP418S are 600 continuous, 2,400 peak, so I'm thinking that about 1,200 watts per speaker is about right. These are 4-ohm speakers, so I can't drive them in bridged mode, since the K2 doesn't support bridged 2 ohm loads. Seems like 4-ohm stereo might not be enough power, at 800 watts. The sweet spot would seem to be to put both speakers on one channel for a 2 ohm load at 1,250 watts. But that brings up two questions. First of all, is that possible? Secondly, is that the best solution? I appreciate your patience with these novice questions. Thanks.
  3. I had the same problem. I corrected it by installing windows.net version 2.0 (downloaded from Harman, same place as System Architect 1.4). That cured the problem - I had an earlier version on my system. Good luck!