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  1. xti cleaning

    Are there actually still places where you can smoke in clubs?
  2. XTi1000 thermal shutoff

    Thanks for the response, although I thought we determined in an earlier thread that the fan came on at 53 degrees (new firmware).
  3. At what temperature will the XTi1000 go into thermal protection?
  4. XTi fan trip temperature

    Not the answer I was hoping for. So you can't go back to old firmware with the higher temp? Thanks
  5. Is there a way of raising the temperature at which the XTi fan kicks on? I know in a previous firmware it came on around 63 degrees and now comes on at around 53. Is there a way to go back to previous firmware so it comes on at the higher temperature? I am using the amp in a home theater and although it doesn't come on often, when it does it's very loud and distracting.