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  1. I have essentially the same speakers, except that I have the MRX 512Ms for tops, rather than the MRX515. I think that both the 515 and the 512 take the same power, which I believe is program rated for up to 800 W (1600 peak). I use 2 XTi 4000s -- one for the subs (one sub per channel) and one for the tops (one 512 per channel). The 518 subs are 4 ohm cabinets, so they get 1200 W each from the Xti 4000. The 515 and 512 are 8 ohm cabs, so each one would get 650W from one side of an XTi 4000 if you're running stereo. If you're running a stereo mix, I'd recommend swapping the 2000 for another 4000 for the tops. If you're running the tops mono and bridging the 2000 to run both speakers, each one is seeing 1000W, which is more than enough. Yes, we are going to run the system mono so sounds like the 2000 will work fine on the tops, thanks Jon I am using a bridged XTi2000 on my two MRX515 tops and it's working very well. From what I see in these forums and using what many here suggest of anywhere from a factor of .8 to a 1.25 multiplied times the rated program power, this gives me around 4 db of headroom with the 1000 watts per cab. I am also using a XTi4000 bridged on our bottoms which are the SRX718 subs. Have done probably 25 shows so far with this setup and am very satisfied.
  2. Got 'em! Thank you, very much appreciated.
  3. I am surprised as well when I opened the file and only found a dbx file as JBL usually has either a .pdf or an Excel sheet with the raw data. So I opened the 4800 Preset file and looked at the settings to see if I could pull them off for you. There really wasn't much there as far as settings. For the 515 boxes in full range, without a sub, they had a LR24 High Pass filter at 51.55 Hz with 2db of gain. For the 515 boxes with the 518 sub they had a LR24 High Pass at 80.28 with 2db of gain. That was it. They must be relying on the tuning of the passive x-over in the boxes for everything else and the 2db of gain is probably to cover loss in the passive x-overs. If you need more info on their settings you may have to contact JBL directly. Otherwise if anyone has any custom setting for the MRX515 they would like to share....... Hey, thanks for that, I appreciate it. Yeah, was hoping they had it in the same .pdf format as the SRX700 tunings but oh well. I set my SRX718 subs as most of the tunings suggest which is around a 32 Hz HP using Butterworth 18db and the 81 Hz LP using a LR48 slope. Also, boosted the 42 Hz freq. by 1.5 db and the 67 Hz by 2 db. Also boosted overall gain around 1.7 db as suggested when using a SRX715 box. For my MRX515 top I set it to HP of 81 Hz using LR24 and the LP of 16.5 KHz using a LR24 since the high end is more than enough even knocking it off there. After setting the system up and listening and tweaking by ear, I found I needed to actually decrease the top overall gain by around 2.5 db to mix well with the subs. (this is with both amps up full). I tried different x-over points and especially slope types and roll-offs and found this final setup to be very tight and punchy. Things may change significantly when the whole band is going through the system but for now it sounds very strong and balanced. Any more suggestions or experience would greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much D. Glass for the time and info given to me listed above. It all helps very much.
  4. Just to be clear, the file it dowloaded was a .dbx4800 file which I don't use. Iwas just simply trying to see what the crossover points are, type of slope and eq recommendations to program into my XTi amps. I am not using any of the driverack units which is what all the MRX downloaded files appear to be for. I have downloaded the 700 series tunings and they were in a .pdf format so I could read all the settings. These 500's were all the.dbx4800 driverack files and no pdf's. Any help is welcomed, thanks again. My settings are somewhat close I am using now, I was just hoping to find some definitive ones from those more knowledgable than me that would possibly provide more optimization of my setup.
  5. Yes, I have downloaded that zip file. When I open it, it opens up System Architect and that's it. I don't see any tunings or saved files for the MRX cabs for the XTi amp device. Help me understand what to do next. I have used SA quite a bit to set both my amps and it's pretty simple to program and save but I just don't see anything from that tuning file I downloaded. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch. See my follow up below, all the files downloaded are for driverack devices.
  6. Help me out guys. Right now I have the 718 subs set this way. HP filter-Butterworth 18 at 35 Hz and LP filter-LR 24 at 90 Hz. The 515 tops are set HP filter-LR 24 at 90 Hz and LP filter-LR24 at 16KHz. Please let me know if some changes are in order from these settings to get the optimum from my setup. Thanks very much!
  7. Here's the setup: One XTi4000 in bridged mode powering two JBL SRX718 subs. One XTi2000 in bridged mode powering two JBL MRX515. Please give me some recommendations on crossover frequencies, HP and LP filtering and slope type (Butterwork or LR ?) for both amps. Thanks a lot, very much appreciated.
  8. XTi4000 Settings for JBL SRX718S

    Hmmm, I may have to check out the 722's when I go looking for 715's. Thanks!
  9. XTi4000 Settings for JBL SRX718S

    I've been using a pair of JBL MRX515 tops powered by a XTi2000 bridged to go with my XTi4000 on the subs. No, just biamping from the subs up at this point. So far I'm very satisfied. With that said, a pair of SRX715 tops with another bridged XTi4000 sure is appealling! It just never stops huh? Ha! Thanks again for your help.
  10. XTi4000 Settings for JBL SRX718S

    Makes sense to me. Thanks again for your thoughts and real world experiences. Very much appreciated.
  11. XTi4000 Settings for JBL SRX718S

    Hey Paul, what HPF do you have set for your top boxes? Wonder if the standard practice is to over lap the frequencies a bit with the subs or have them set up exactly where the sub LPF is set? Thanks a bunch.
  12. XTi4000 Settings for JBL SRX718S

    Hey, excellent info Paul, thanks. Much appreciated! I think I'm gonna really be satisfied with these cabs. Thanks again.
  13. I'm going to use the XTi4000 in bridged mode to power the JBL SRX718 Subs. It appears to be a perfect match and was wondering what settings any of you had used that had good results in the real world. I was looking at setting the DSP to a high pass of 35Hz with 18 db slope and a low pass of 100Hz with a 24 db slope (Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley?) Also looked like a 3 db limiter would be appropriate. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.