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  1. Can this be done? I have an OPPO DVD unit which has optical/coaxial outputs and individual channel rca outputs. One for Front, Rear, Center and Sub. We are planning to run audio for some outdoor movies, we would need to have all speakers able to project the same sound, and was hoping to have benefits of surround sound also. Is this possible through pro-audio amps? Not sure If I could get surround sound and also have all speakers capable of projecting the same sound for public address. I currently have a portable system that has CD,Tape,Wireless Mics all plugging in to one mixer board. Then the output for that plugs into the amp. We end up with 2ch if we hook the dvd unit into it. Here is my idea, tell me if I am crazy. (I am thinking 3 amps, 6 speakers) It looks like the Crown amps have dual inputs. I could use Input 1 to daisy chain to each amp the same signal from the mixer. Thereby retaining the 2ch mode where we could have the same sounds(public address) coming from all of the speakers. I could use the multiple outputs on the DVD player to send individualized signals to the second, Input 2, on each of the amps. Thereby creating surround sound using the indicidualized outputs for each signal, fr/cent/rear. Controlling the volume could be done using the DVD players internal volume control. Could the Amps take a DVD signal? Is it too high? Any ideas???