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  1. I am looking at an XLS-402 to drive 4 speakers. That's not really an issue. The problem I'm having is that I am going to send a mono signal into the amp, then make Channel 1 into Zone 1, and Channel 2 into Zone 2. Zone 1 will have (2) 4 Ohm speakers Zone 2 will have (2) 8 Ohm speakers If I run both sets in Parallel, I will have a 2 Ohm Load on Channel 1 and a 4 Ohm Load on Channel 2. What will the power output of the 2 ohm load be, on Channel 1, so that I can throttle the max output of Channel 1 as to not blow out the speakers (Peavey Impulse 652S). I think my only other option is to wire Channel 1 in Series to make it an 8 Ohm load (ok something I've never done before). So Channel 1 would then be 8 Ohm, and Channel 2 would be 4 Ohms. I hope that's clear. Thanks, David