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  1. Thank you very much for the help. I will try to pursue it with the Allen company.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I have tried the tinypic service, and have pasted the links below. I have tried googling the numbers that show in the closeup photo, but did not get any hits. I have been looking at Crown amps of 1680 and 1450 W and thinking that they would not be powerful enough, but from what you say maybe they would be okay, that is, if the speakers will work at all. We have noticed that the voice coils on these look very small compared to the speakers we see in parts catalogs. Thanks again for the help. back: front: close up:
  3. Hi. I have some speakers from a 1970s church organ, that I would like to use for a rock band, and I am trying to find out what kind of amplifier would be required. There are two units, each about 3 feet square, built of plywood and open in the back. Each unit has four speaker cones that are roughly 12 inches in diameter. Each cone is stamped 8 ohms, and when I put a multimeter on the input terminals of one unit, I also get a total of 8 ohms. Each unit also has something that looks like a transformer mounted inside the box and hooked to the main leads coming in. I read the Crown article, How Much Amplifier Power Do I Need?, but I have no data sheets for these units. Is it possible to determine an appropriate amp from the information I have given? I have some digital photos, but I did not know how to include them in this post. If anyone is interested and might be able to provide advice, please email me and I will email the pics. Thanks very much.