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  1. xti4000 set up for slave

    For those interested this has been solved thanks to guys at CAV. Basically my problem was that my DSP settings for the Martin Audio speakers were programmed wrong as suggested by Phil in his reply. Interesting that a few minor errors can make such a difference to the overall sound. Now when I run the amp in 'Y' mode the system really kicks and the amp ticks over nicely. The sound engineer at CAV updated the frimware and download the MA presets into my amp and another XTi 4000 that I bought as a back up and to use on larger set-ups. For anybody interested I now have the correct settings for all the MA Blackline range speakers and configerations as well as H3s, Wavefronts & LE700s and will email the file to those that want it. To my surprise after experimeting with different set ups we all prefered the sound of the mono set up to a bi-amped stereo set-up, somehow running the speakers at 4ohms in mono sounded warmer then stereo at 8ohms? Just for a bit of fun we also used 2 XTis to run a pair of S18s & a pair of F15s, I still don't think my hearing has returned properly! We also ran the speakers thru the DX1 which sounded even better, I guess the DSP on the XTi's just can't compete with this but then this speaker management system alone costs around 2 grand! (£s) Hope this is of some help...
  2. xti4000 set up for slave

    Hi Phil, Thanks for your reply and info. I have the spec sheet for all the speakers in the Blackline series (these have the same parameters as your listing) and I have programmed the F15s & S15s into the Xti with these settings, I also have the spec sheet for the Wavefront series although I dont have any of those! - If you need either or both let me know your email and I'll send them to you. I mainly use CAV in Stroud to get my gear, they are Martin Audio, Nexo & Crown specailists, mainly dealing in large scale PA hire and tours but will sell and offer advice to the general public (very good prices by the way) Speaking to the techies at CAV they recommeded I set the crosscover at 1.3kHz which to my ears sounded better but maybe this is asking a bit much from one amp? Like you I tend not to fiddle too much with the EQ on the desk and try and keep things as flat as poss. At the weekend I used the speakers with a pair of XS1200 amps in stereo thru a DX1 controller it was a largish venue and we ended up at a fair volume these amps had no trouble and cruised all night. This was the DJs gear we just patched outselves in, so this kinda got me thinking... I think the mono set up works very well but I think ultimately the way to go is to run the speakers in stereo with two amps, somehow this sounds a little richer? This also gives me the option to patch in some extra boxes for the bigger gigs. Tomorrow I am spending the day at CAV (I'm going to buy another XTi 4000 from them) they have all the settings from the DX1 programmed programmed into System Architect and will download them into my amps. They have a large demo sound room so it will be interesting to compare different settings, amp configerations etc and see which sounds the best. Cheers Dave
  3. xti4000 set up for slave

    Thanks David. I use a pair of Martin Audio S15 subs and a pair of Martin Audio F15s full range. Running the XTi 4000 in Y mode works well. I take a mono (left channel only feed) from the desk into the amp. I use the DSP as per Martin spec with the crossover set at 1.3kHz with a slight 3db boost to the subs (the subs also have an active crossover built in) CH1 then goes to the first sub and this links to the second giving me a 4ohm load. CH2 then goes to first F15 (these have a slight eq tweek at 66Hz +6db with a Q of 1.) again linked together giving a 4ohm load. This all sounds and works great but I feel at times I could do with a bit more headroom more so in the subs. I could run the hole rig in stereo with two amps but then I am feeding an 8ohm load to all the speakers and this does'nt really give me any more headroom (unless of course I add more speakers linked together) As the mono setup works well for our purpose I was just wondering if there was any way i could keep this set up and somehow slave in another amp to provide a little more power. I try to avoid running amps in bridge mode as a rule as I don't like what this does to the internal switching of the amp plus I have been advised by many techie and amp guys that its not really the done thing. I hope all this make sense! Thanks for your help...
  4. I use an xti 4000 in 'y' mode in mono sending bass to CH1 & mid top to CH2. Is there anyway I can still use this setting but slave with another amp to give me a bit more power (most likely will use another xti4000) Thanks