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  1. Stupid Newbie question

    Thanks! I'll look into it!
  2. Hello All, Please excuse a total newbie question. I have "inherited" an installation that has a CTS-600 amp. I need to interface this amp with a Mackie mixer and basically need to go from balanced 1/4" outputs (from the mixer) to the inputs of the amp. The installation has been only using one channel of this amp and I need to use both. Consequently there is one "phoenix-style" connector wired to the input of the amp. I need another connector. Who in the world carries these things? I've never seen these before. Can I drop by my friendly-neighborhood Radio Shack and pick one up? I think it's clear how to wire this once I get the connector but...where do I get one?!?? Web searches turn up nothing but crown docs saying they use "phoenix style" connectors. This much I know. Any help would be vastly appreciated! Thanks! Greg