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  1. XTI 1000, Ch 1 Sensitivity Knob Inop

    Thanks. Tech Support fixed me up. You can create an SRA by either contacting Crown Factory Service at 1.800.342.6939 x8205 or on line at: http://crownweb.crownintl.com/crownrma/ If you do the SRA on line you will need to contact Factory Service with the SRA number, generated on line, and they can issue you the box and return shipping label.
  2. XTI 1000, Ch 1 Sensitivity Knob Inop

    Thanks. How do I obtain RA#? Phone call or online? Sorry, I'm away from a PC for a while - checking in from Blackberry.
  3. Just bought a used XTI 1000. Ch 1 Sensitivity Knob appears to be a 100% regardless of the knob position. Ch 2 Sensitivity Knob will control fine. Is there a problem with this amp? Does it need service? This is my first Crown amp, so I'm not familiar with "normal" operation (but this certainly doesn't seem normal). Thanks. Terry
  4. JBL SR 4732X Amp Recommendation

    Thanks, Paul. Where are the good-guy deals to be had on the iTech's? Terry
  5. I've got (1) JBL SR 4732X cabinet that sit over (2) JBL SR 4719X cabs per side. Currently powering with a QSC RMX 1450 bridged on each 4732 and a QSC RMX 2450 bridged on each 4719. That is plenty, if not too much, power for all of the venues I do - including most outdoor festivals. I'd really like to get an amp capable of powering all of my cabinets in stereo mode, as opposed to bridging - at least for the tops. I've been reading up on the XTI amps (I can't or won't afford the iTech's). However, it looks like the XTI comes in at the extreme low end of JBLs recommended power (at 1200 watts) for these cabs. Can anyone provide some real world advice? Thanks. Terry