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  1. I recently picked up a bunch of Crown amps, including PS200's, a PS400, D45's, and D75A's (The D's are the newer black-face ones). I am debugging a few problems, and I want to make sure everything specs out properly when I'm finished. I already have the service manual with adjustment procedure for the PS400, printed from the website. I spoke with Brenda (who is very helpful BTW) and apparently the other service manuals are not available. I'm hoping that someone can fill in a few blanks for me here. Question 1 - I assume that the adjustment procedure for the PS200 is the same as the procedure for the PS400. Is the bias voltage also the same, 430mV? Question 2 - Is the procedure also the same for the D45 and D75A? What values (bias voltage, etc) do I need to know to perform this adjustment? Thanks in advance. -Joe