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  1. CM-311A and in ear bud?

    Thanks for the quick reply! So, what about a mini jack? My biggest problem is what I sound like - I seem to have no problem hearing everyone else. If I had a bud in one ear, I'd be set.
  2. Has there ever been any thought to include an in ear plug or bud on the CM-311A? It would seem that an earpiece that would send a pdeudo monitor feed to the wearer ould be nice. I don't know a lot about microphone technology, but wouldn't this be possible?
  3. XLS Slew Rate?

    Can anyone provide me with the slew rate on the XLS series amps? It's another one of those little nice to know items that I can't seem to find anywhere.
  4. Zeroing an amp

    Bill, Thanks - that is exactly what I was trying to understand. I should be able to do some of it. I've got a lot of new equipment (Crown XLS 402 and 602, dbx Driverack PA) and a ton to learn. So far, all is sounding pretty good, considering I didn't have to break the bank. Dented it badly, but didn't break it yet
  5. Zeroing an amp

    Chris, Thanks for the response, but I don't think that is what was meant. HERE is the thread. I believe it means to match the input and output level, but can't figure out how I could do that without some kind of "tool" (i.e. PC, etc)
  6. Zeroing an amp

    Well, this was either a real stupid question, or others might benefit from an answer (since no one replied). Either way, can someone offer a reply?
  7. Zeroing an amp

    In a different thread, I saw mention of "...if you have a computer ... zero the amp". I have a very basic understanding of what that means, but have no idea how to go about doing it (balance ins and outs). Help would be appreciated. Hi, my name is Sherpa, and I'm an PA newbie. I guess everyone evenutally needs a 12 step program
  8. Looking for the best amp for my setup

    I have (2) JRX118s and power them nicely with an XLS-602d. Since you said that you are strapped for cash, why not get the XLS-802d at 800watts per channel at 4 ohms, and take advantage of the $150 rebate? I know they are not top end Crowns, but lower end Crowns are a ton better than budget amps. With the rebate, you'll pay less and get a better amp that if you went with a competitor for price alone. Should do the job nicely.