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  1. Home Usage of IQ

    Thanks for the tips. I looked at dateq and it looks like the right size. I haven't found the software yet to look at the interface. Will keep at it. thanks.
  2. I am trying to configure a home audio multi-room system. I want to use mp3/internet radio feed from my pc, using musicmatch as the pc based DJ app. I want to take the output from the pc to an amplifier/speaker selector that can be controlled by the PC. I will be using a wifi palm (most likely clie th55) on my linksys wireless network to control the pc from anywhere. I want to be able to select music via musicmatch, as well as select speakers and speaker volume. I will be using some form of realVNC to allow me to control the pc over the wifi network. I am having trouble finding an amp and/or speaker selector that can be pc-controlled instead of IR remote controlled. I do not need fancy presets. I just want simple on/off, zone select and volume control from the PC. I only need 100W or less per channel. Any suggestions?