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  1. 1st generation Itech

    Glad to hear you've had good luck with them. I'm hoping mine last until I retire! As for the HD's, I was under the impression the "original itechs" had a 1st and 2nd generation BEFORE the HD's. I may very well be way off base though!
  2. So I’ve reconfigured my amp rack as I’ve added some Itechs to the xti’s and am setting up among other things gain. I’m coming out of an LS9 and at about -18 on the board I am at zero just before clip on the input meters on both the xti and itech (yes I can change the sensitivity on the itechs but lets forget about that for a moment). If I pull down the input sliders in system architect (or knobs on the amps) to get the board a bit closer to zero (say -10 or so) before clipping the amp, both the itech and xti still show the input as clipped in system architect. At this point is anything really clipping or is the input meter before the attenuator and giving me a “false” reading? Am I wrong to want to have the board a bit hotter before reaching input/output clip on the amps?
  3. How do they differ from later models? Can a "1st generation" be brought up to date? I'm moving from xti's to the itech's and need to know if there is anything I need to watch for when purchasing the older pieces. I will be purchasing refurbs by the way if that makes a difference. The last one shipped to me straight from Crown.
  4. As stated in the title. Once in room temp for an hour it appears to be fine. Just a short ride in the cold and it's blank again until room temp. I've re-seated the ribbon cable. No change Any thoughts???
  5. When highlighted say on channel two, does this just bypass the eq section on channel two? What's the difference from unselecting the enable button on that channel? Thanks in advance.
  6. xti cleaning

    Two sided tape or velcro and a filter sounds like a good way to keep the maint. to once a year! Although it does appear the tops come off these puppies with only three screws.
  7. Going to be used in smokey clubs and out doors. My MA's and MT's you just pulled the filters. Any suggestions for regular cleaning?
  8. Thanks! Don't need different level control settings at this time, was just wondering if it was possible with out a Y cable. Now I know.
  9. Input is set to Y and running in stereo mode. Channel one input control affects both channels and channel two's input control does nothing. Is this normal?
  10. XTI binding posts?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I don't have the amp here, do they unscrew, or just pull out? Can't wait to try this out on monitor duty this weekend!
  11. What's up with the binding posts? Top load for banana plugs or are those pieces in the end removable???