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  1. Dear Group, I'm using a DELL Laptop (INSPIRON 8600), nothing special on the configuration and i have a grey square block appearing after a certain time i'm using Iq wiq software, and of course only with IQ Wiq software, i have tried to uninstall then re-install, but this or sometimes those grey blocs are coming back, it's seem to be linked with the way i'm using the graphical part of the IQWIQ...? This block stay on the main screen till i'm ending the Iqwiq session, looks to be on the front/front view not on my template. Any idea's, any way of reproducing this strange phenomenon ? Using latest IQWIQ (I hope so) All the best
  2. Dear Group, Imagine that a "speaker cabinet manufacturer", or distributor want to include specific presets on a Iteq's amp's system....Could you discribe us the way to : - Protect Presets (contents) from being seen or/and Modified (could be delays, eq's points, crossover etc...) - Imagine now that an hire company wants to use generic amp's rack's for differents sound systems and will include PRESETS on those amp's, is it a way to restrict the access to the amp's to the only PRESETS recall, without the possibility to modify the sensitivity, access to eq's, crossover, delays, limiters.. etc...? all the best fr
  3. Dear There, There is a nice password management system on the IQWIQ, but a stupid question perhaps, when a password have been assigned, how is it possible to remove it completely from the system....I mean returning to none password prompt ? Say for example if you set up a password Prompt at the software launch ?. Second question : the way the system is dealing with security isn't documeted apparently, so here is the problem : I'd like to setup a certain number of amp's and protecting their access (data or setting) from unwanted user's even in front panel but also thru an Iq Wiq software could be any sorte of computer... all the best Fr