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  1. Recomended amplifier

    Hello Rod, Thank you very much for the reply. I am bit confused, I would like to recap what you said and please tell me if I am wrong. # Speakers = 4, 2 per side. HF = 120w @ 8ohms program power LF = 500w @ 8ohms program power Using your calculation. Hf = 60w @ 4 ohms Continuous power (120/2) LF = 250w @ 4ohms Continuous power (500/2) So, Minimum power = 2 x Continuous power HF = 120w @ 4ohms & LF = 500w @ 4 ohms (60 * 2x & 250 * 2x) For 2 speakers, HF = 240w & LF = 1000w My confusion is that should not LF = 1000w for 2 speakers? If so, then Can I use i-tech400 for LF. I am also confused about the impedance. I am assuming that when you divide the program power by 2, the impedance also devided by 2 to get 4 (speaksers are 8ohms). So if the impedance is 4 for one speakers, then should not it be 2ohms when I add the 2nd speakers. Thank you for the help and please excuse my ignorance.
  2. Hi I need some guildline on selecting correct amplifier. I have 4 TX4 Yorkville. These are biamp operation only and the HF program power is 120 and LF program power is 500 at 8 ohms. This will be hooked up as paire. So the impedance will be 4 ohms. Does xti2000 for HF and xti4000 for LF would be appropriate? I would like to have some headroom too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nithy