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  1. Crown HD3500 VS HD12000i on Subs

    Hi, What about me bridging 2 ch's on the subs to get more headroom, but I can's use all 4 as I will have 2 ohms. Regs JB
  2. Crown HD3500 VS HD12000i on Subs

    Hi Avi, We play all sorts of music from RnB,Dance,Hip Hop to Bollywood. Mainly indoors. Normally I use 1 pair of the SR's with 2 subs, 4 subs on larg show. Cater normally upto 300-450 people. If all 4 subs are used then 1 each side & 2 coupled in the middle. When 4 SR's are used I spread them out from my main dance floor area to cover sides. 4 are only used sometimes. So the processing will be better than my 366t on the 4ch crown right. Regs JB
  3. Crown HD3500 VS HD12000i on Subs

    Hi Avi, I have a 2 pairs of jbl Vertec VT4881a sometimes just use 1 pair. 1200w rms each cabinet. At moment I have set to run them at 118v rms and 166v peak on the Crown MA12000i. The tops are 4 JBL SR4722A 600w rms at 8 ohms each cabinet. Yes I want to save space, basically get rid of my 2nd amp MA9000i and 366T. Regs JB
  4. Crown HD3500 VS HD12000i on Subs

    Sorry or just buy 1 5000hd for tops and 1 12000hd for subs so I can get rid on my BSS 366T omni drive.
  5. Hi, I am thinking of upgrading my crown Ma12000i to 3500hd x4 channel amp. I just wanna run jbl vertecs subs at 8 ohms at 1750w each on 2 chs, other 2 chs to run tops. Or bridge the 2 ch's into 1 and runs subs at 4 ohms with lots of headroom and run other 2ch's for my tops. Will the 3500hd deliver same sound as if i were to run on my ma 12000i at the same power into 8 ohms? Saves me carrying 2 amps at the moment. JB
  6. MA9000i

    Serial no is 8001694393 How does one check the power supply temp? Yes the small fan is running very fast and the other one normal. I have been told that the temp thermostat must be stuck open. I spoke to one of your staff in US in service and been told I can poss order the part n fit it here in UK rather then send the whole amp back just for that part. The unit is still under warranty for at least 2 more years. I opened the unit to see if dust or something was forcing the fan, but everyting looked ok. I unplugged the fan and wiggled the thermostat, plugged the fan back and when powered up the unit started to work fine, has has done 2 gigs without speeding fast. But if it happens again then the thermostat will have to be changed. Or do you think I should send the unit back to USA? JB
  7. MA9000i

    Hi, Went into event log and I am getting Native Error Code 10049? What does that mean? I tried reboot , still no joy. Tried to update Firmware, no joy. Fan near the trip switch is running very fast all time. JB
  8. MA9000i

    Hi, My MA9000i started to run of the fans very fast and will not stop if Switch off and power up. Only happend after awaile when laptop was used to moniter the amp. Only one fan is running normal. Please help. Amp is in UK but bought from New York, want to try not to send back for factory for service. But will if has to come in. JB
  9. crown xls 802

    We have an amp in a rack that cuts out the sound for 1 minute and comes back on. The clip lights are never flashing. Fans all working ok. Ventilation seems fine. When in cutout mode the fault lights are on. Please advise what it can be.
  10. Hi, Thank you for your prompt reply. Just one quick question. When i select the y mode on the amp i notice the signal drops slightly, is this because it is sharing with ch 2? I am better of linking xlr from ch 1 into ch 2. I will try this at my next gig. Bascially I send a mono signal into ch 1 and I had y mode on so the ch 2 would get a signal internally. Then I wanted to use the 2 subs at 4 ohms and used ch 1 for both, when I took it off the y mode the sound slightly boosted. So I left it like that. Just wanted your pro opinion.
  11. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply. I have the single port unit, is the power rating the same?
  12. Hello there, Can someone confirm what is the rms power of this ma9000i into 8 ohms? On the back of the amp is printed 1750w and manual/crown spec say 1500w. I have been told that the specs are updated and at 4 ohms this amp is 3500 watts not 3000 watts. So what is it at 8 ohms? I want to limit the volts for my jbl vertecs to run at certain power. The vt4881a is a 1200w rms into 8 ohms (long term)so I have 300w headroom if the amp is 1500w and 550w if it is 1750w. What power does anyone power these subs each with any crown amps?