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  1. DC 300A Amplifier Pots

    Thank you for the info!
  2. DC 300A Amplifier Pots

    I've a DC300A power amp, serial #13779, that I'd like to check the output level potentiometer wiring. There are four leads going to each pot (each pot has three lugs), two white and two ground leads (the grounds are twisted together and attached to one of the pots lugs). Currently, as viewing the pots from the front, the white wires are attached to the left and center lug and the ground wires attached to the right one. Help on the correct wiring of these pots would be highly appreciated. Many thanks!
  3. DC 300A Amplifier

    Dear Forum, I have a DC 300A amplifier, serial #13779, that's blowing both fuses upon turn on. I haven't any history on the amp since I purchased it used. In the process of inspecting the circuitry, I removed the bridge rectifier to gain better access and thought I wrote down the correct wiring for reinstallation but am not sure now. There are red, blue, purple, green/red (both attached together) wires leading to this component. There is also a capacitor soldered to two of the lugs. Please note the amp was blowing fuses prior to the removal of the rectifier but could the problem be caused by a faulty one? Any help with the rectifier wiring and causes of the amp blowing fuses would be much appreciated.