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  1. XTI 2000 with two Klipsch KW-120's

    what is the actual impedance of each speaker (most standard dj and home stereo speakers are 8ohm)? If they are actually 8 ohm speakers, you'll find HUGE gains by bridging them. If you don't know how to do this, study up and ask questions because doing it wrong will break things... expensive things. Anyways, I've found that the XTi's really appreciate one 4 ohm bridged load over two 8 ohm loads (one on each channel as you described). The really low end response (under 60Hz) is nearly non-existent on my XTi4000 at 8 ohms, but has plenty of oomph to make a pair of custom made 18's rattle when bridged down to a 4ohm load. If they are indeed each 4ohm speakers, then disregard this idea as the XTi cannot be loaded to 2ohms when bridged without breaking things... expensive things
  2. amp shutting down

    Thanks for the info Tim. It didn't solve the problem, but I'll now be running my amps in the extra cooling mode now for sure... Why is there a mode that provides less cooling anyways? that just doesn't make sense. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there isn't any reason for less cooling, is there?
  3. amp shutting down is the version I'm running. I have a little more info now. Out of desperation I tried running the sub off of the number 1 channel only, and viola! Out of curiosity I tried running on number two channel only and the symptoms returned. I'm guessing the 2nd channel is blown? How did this happen? I don't push this thing hard, the sub can only handle 600 watts maximum. This setup should be capapble of sending 1000W which would blow the speaker for sure. The speaker is fine???? Is this not a good amp for subs or did I just get a weak one? Or am I an idiot and am just missing something? What is the price of tea in China? All help is appreciated. Greg
  4. amp shutting down

    anyone?? I'm surviving with the other amps and the full range speakers, but my customers aren't afraid to tell me that things sound.... wrong. If all I can do is ship this amp in, tell me cause I gotta get back up and running right away. Thanks
  5. amp shutting down

    here's a little more info that just might give us the answer. Here's what I did: disconnected speaker wires played music through the mixer slowly turned the volume knob on the amp up it got to a point where the "signal", "-20" green lights, AND the "clip" red light were lit, but NO "-10 light" I turn it up a little more and the amp shuts off I sure hope this helps:)
  6. amp shutting down

    Ok. I have a crown xti2000 pushing a Peavey PV118 for a karaoke dj setup. Everything worked great for a show or two; I even noticed that I had to turn the main power knob on this amp down just to keep it from rattling the glasses off the tables. Now all of a sudden it aint workin right. It shut down on me the other day in my basement (where all my power levels are a quarter of what they are at gigs). I restarted it several times with it working for a minute or so then shutting off again. I thought I had a shorted wire or speaker so I disconnected everything and restarted. Sure enough it shut down again. WTF??? I was thinking heat?? So I looked at the fan in the back of the amp after yet another restart, and it aint movin! Is there a way to check the amp temp thru system architect? What else could be the problem?
  7. SA 1.40? firmware

    Just got an email response to the prob. Pesky website problems caused the old page. I've been promised it's getting fixed. Talk about quick service:) Of course I may still be crazy
  8. I must be completely crazy.... That's all I can figure. Harmanpro's website claims to have released SA 1.40, but when I click the link and login, It sends me to the 1.30 download page. WTF? As a result, I can't upgrade my amps with the firmware. I'm tired, ticked, and quite possibly losing my head... Someone tell me what is going on..... Please.