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  1. XTI 2000 Volume Changes by Itself

    Hello Crown Guys, I am using an XTI 2000 to drive two monitor mixes. Both volume pots were at 10 o`clock. After ringing out the monitors, I put on a CD and was walking around the venue when a feedback started by itself. This kind of seemed impossible because I had turned the monitor sends up way beyond where I was going to run them when I rang the system out. When the show started, the talent complained that it was too loud on stage and asked me to turn down. Later, they said they couldn`t hear and asked me to turn up. The volume on the XTI is changing by itself. I think I might have the ribbon cable problem. The amp is under warranty. Should I try to fix it myself? In your experience, are the components defective, or does the cable simply work loose? If that is what is going on, I'm sure I can reseat the cable and apply a little hot glue. Please advise. Thanks, Ed Kane