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  1. XTI 2000

    Problem resolved - for now On the advice of several threads, I opened the top and checked the ribbon cable from the front panel to the main board. It DID seem loose, I shot a little zero residue contact cleaner on the plug and pins. resecured the cable and tested. All problems seemd to go away for now, No ghost input and the volume now seems to be working correctly. Hopefully this wont void the warrenty, but I put a small bead of hot-melt glue on each end of the plug to secure it. Hopefully this will resolve the issue of it vibrateing loose. Its kinda looking like the problems im seeing is a low-quality plug. The pins are not even gold. According to the MOUSER catalog, it only would have cost 15 cents more to do so and another 10 cents to have a plug that has a clip lock. Such a small investment of 25 cents would have eliminated all these headaches. Crown, dont get me wrong, I think your products rock and I will tell everyone who ask me. But I do expect a little more thought should have gone into the production. (BTW, I am an electrial engineer so I think im qualified to give a little constructive criticism) Keep up the good work guys. greg
  2. Volume is inconsistent on XTi 2000

    There are several threads about bad POTS on the XTI amps. Call CROWN parts for a replacement.
  3. XTI 2000

    Mine (XTI 2000) is doing the exact same thing but on channel 1. In the SA, it shows the first 2 bars on. (third bar flickers), even though there is no input (or output) connected. If I connect a speaker, there is no sound or noise at all. (except for a slight hiss which all amps do). I also noticed that I cannot turn down the volume all the way down. If I put a 0db signal into that channel (CH 1) and turn the volume on the amp all the way down, there is still an output that can be heard. Its about 1/6 the volume it normally would be at full volume. It also sounds "Muffled and dull". If I turn up Both volumes to the same level (in stereo and about 1/2 way), the volume increases but channel 1 still sounds "dull". The left channel has a "weaker" volume than the right channel when the inputs are set the same and the volume is set the same. If I put the input to MONO (via SA), the problem goes away (or at least it sounds like it does) but im in mono and the right volume (channel 2) does nothing in this mode. All my inputs are balanced. There is no grounding problem. I also upgraded to the latest SA (1.5.01) which also upgraded my firmware. I hoped that might take care of it, but there was no difference. A non related suggestion... I saw there are various modes the amp could be put into depending what button is pressed upon powerup. (Fan Full, Fan Sensitivity, Test Mode). Why not add this to the SA program as check boxes. Personally I would like the fans on all the time. An amp can never be too cool. The extra noise produced would in no way be louder than my outputs so nobody would notice. Unfortunately Im Im in my busy time of year and cannot afford to send the amp in right now. If CROWN could send me an replacement, I could swap it out without any down time, but I dont think they would do that. I've only had the amp about a year or so. I saw nobody posted a response to this thread since you started it. Is anyone from CROWN Listening?