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  1. I have owned the JRX-125 for a while, and my amp has now been upgraded to the XTi 4000, really cool computer interface, love it. my questions are as follows: can I set the amplification of the XTi, to lets say 30 db? so that I can monitor my input single and know when the cab is getting a critical amount of power? in general: how do I set up my amp to protect the speaker, and from the output and input monitor how can I deduce how much power the cab is getting? the "Y" coupling? so I can do ch1+ch2, in my book it says that amounts to an extra 6db output. when I tried this I noticed that turner either the ch1 or ch2 will increase the loudness. So does this mean that the input signal went up by 6 db, or my effective output to both cabs is actually 6 db higher? what does the clip light indicate on the front panel? and why does the thermal light flick on every now and then at high levels? How can I monitor when the amps limiters go into effect? It seems like the thermal light flashes on the amp with my computer tells me the amp is clipping, and when the clip lights go on on the amp my computer says the amp isn't clipping at all? thanks
  2. XTI 4000 DSP question

    mhh, ok... thanks how do you like the System Architect?
  3. XTI ?'s

    get subs first, will be a better upgrade... and if u get the XTi just use the 0 db limiter
  4. Hi, I plan to purchase an XTi 4000, to power my tops I was wondering weather the DSP can be set to only set signlas over 100 Hz to my mains. Will the "clip" light go off if I set the limiter and the DSP limits? or is there another way to see weather the limiter kicks in or not Can I set the amp to a certain gain, lets say I want to gain the input by 30 dB can the XTi do this accurately and repeatably? Can I monitor the input or output voltage? thanks