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  1. Re: XTI4000 Bridge Set-up

    Hi, If you have an external crossover you need to select preset 2 "BRIDGE" this will put the amp in bridge mode but will not have any crossovers selected, if not you need to select preset 4 "BRG SUBS" this will place the amp in bridge mode and also select a preset crossover for subs. The correct settings for your SRX should be available as a download from JBL. To select a preset press the left (first) button twice then press the third button until you reach the preset you want, then press the first button again to select this preset. The display should remain on the preset you choose. If you take too long to complete this process the dsp will revert back to the last setting. Remember when using bridge to connect the pos (on your speaker cable) to channel 1 red post and neg to channel 2 red post. The SRX 728s is 4ohm so you will only be able to power one in bridge mode. Take time to download Band Manager software for your Crown, this is free and will help you get the best from your Crown XTI4000 http://hiqnet.harmanpro.com/bm_download.php Ade www.aa-systems.com
  2. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    Hi, Get it back to Crown! they usually have a good turnaround. Ade AA Systems website
  3. XLS 602

    Hi, The reply by D Glass states xls 602 is 1600w into 4ohm bridge. He should know he is from Crown! Ade. AA Systems website
  4. XLS 602

    Hi, As D Glass said the xls602 would be ok for the Peavey it would have a little headroom, due to the uncertainty of the power rating, the LX-18v2 x 2 may still be overpowered by the xls 602 in bridge 4ohm, if you were to go ahead make sure to set your limiters right. Ade, AA Systems web
  5. Hi, The low end you speak of is due to the fact that the xls has a transformer and the xti4000 is switch mode, unless you pay a lot of money (crown MA, Lab Gruppen or mc2) you will find a difference but things are getting better. The DSP is based on (or similar to) the dbx driverack pa. Ade AA Systems website
  6. Hi, I think you are getting a little cofused, the XLS puts out 1600w @ 8 ohm bridge, but you speaker is 4ohm and as I believe the XLS will not bridge into 4ohm. The XTI will bridge into 4 ohm therefore providing you with decent headroom. Ade, AA SYSTEMS
  7. XTi 2000 help

    Hi, Check the ribbon cable from the main board to the front panel - it may have either come loose or is faulty and needs replacing. This should be a warranty issue, so contact who you bought the amplifier from and get it serviced. (It is always best to buy from a dealer in your own country rather than just going for the best price) You are not alone with this problem, we have had a number of xti4000 amps that have started dropping out on one side, turn it off and back on and all is fine for a while. Ade. AA SYSTEMS
  8. Hi, If your sub is rated @ 1500w continuous @4ohms then the xls (I believe) cannot bridge into 4 ohms. In stereo it will only produce 800w @4ohm load, this will not be enough to reach the potential of the sub before the amp goes into clip. The XTI2000 produces 2000w @4ohm in bridge mode (the XTI can bridge into 4ohm) this will give reasonable headroom. You can use an amp with lower output than the continuous rating of the speaker but you have to be very carefull that you do not clip the amp before you reach desired level. Ade AA SYSTEMS
  9. Hi, The XTI2000 would provide reasonable headroom if used in bridge. As for the colour ?? Ade AA SYSTEMS
  10. Hi, The XTI2000 signal can be looped through but there will be no crossover / filtering in that signal, you would require an external crossover or another XTi for the subs unless your CS-800 has that facility. Ade AA SYSTEMS
  11. Amp Selecting

    Hi, The two Crown XTI4000 amps suggested would be fine however I fear your selection of the sw118v would leave you lacking in sub. The sw218v has a program of 1200w at 4ohms so the crown xti4000 would deliver ideal power and you would find that the subs would not be overpowered by the s215v. Ade AA SYSTEMS