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  1. System is ITech4000 powering 2xSRX715 and ITech6000 powering 2/4xSRX718S. Mix from stage and would like to create a custom panel that would allow me to monitor my amps via a quick look at the laptop. What elements do I need to include? There are so many input/output options it gets mind boggling.
  2. Running 2 (1 each side, 8 ohms per side) SRX715's on the IT4000 and 4 (or 2 per side - 4 or 8 ohms) SRX718S's on the IT6000. Previous rig was 2-4 SRX718S's on the IT4000 and the 2 715's on a XTI4000. Looks like I need to get a distro and learn how to connect directly to the power source, which scares the crap out of me.
  3. Up until today I have been using a IT4000 and an XTI4000 to power my 4 SRX718S's and 2 SRX715's. Today the IT6000 arrives along with a Motion Labs Rac Pak (1U - 15 amps). None of the places we play have 20 amp circuits or allow us to tie into the box - you would think the "live music capitol of the World" would have better stage power. I can usually get 2 different circuits for each amp but they are always 15amp (standard wall plugs). Am I going to have a problem with the 2 Itech's?
  4. Itech and SA

    Thanks. Just used a Linksys router since my laptop was set for DHCP, everything worked great.
  5. I've got SA programmed with settings for my Itech4000 which arrives today. I've used SA with my XTI4K but not with an ITech. Do I use a network hub between the Itech and my laptop? or a router? Got a Linksys hub and a router at home that is not being used at the moment. Any advice for first time use is appreciated.
  6. need an amp box

    Call customer support, they will send you one for about $30.
  7. Bought a used IT4000 but the seller did not include the power cable. The power input looks different than those on my other amps. What type of power cable do I need?
  8. I bridge an XTI4000 into a pair of SRX718S's and have never had a problem, currently using a QSC PLX2402 bridged into a pair of SRX715's but that will be replaced soon by an ITech 4000.
  9. Are you sure that is the right amp? The XTI2000 only produces 2000 watts bridged at 4 ohms so your speakers will be getting 1000 watts each which is between the 800-1600 it wants. The amp will do fine and should be a problem in bridged mode.
  10. I just picked up an I-Tech 4000. Current system is JBL SRX715's powered by a QSC PLX2402 and SRX718S's powered by a bridged XTI4000. Band is rock/top 40 covers. Not all that concerned about running the tops in stereo. Should I run the 718's off the Itech or the 715's in stereo or dual mono. Is there a benefit to using the Itech on the subs versus the tops or vice versa? Can always run the entire system off the Itech as well but like having a little redundancy.
  11. xti 4000's connections

    I believe there is a thru on each amp just run from the mixer to amp1 then use the through to connect amp2. I bet the manual explains this quite well.
  12. How do you set the Q on the EQ? I can get 4.343 or 4.04 but not 4.41, this is by sliding the boxes on either side of the EQ curve.
  13. Rock- We're running SRX715's over the 718's. XTI4000 bridged on the 718's and for now a PLX2402 bridged on the 715's which I need to replace with a XTI4000. Our upgrade path is another pair of 718's then the 722's. The 12's just sound better on vocals than the 15's. Of course this all depends on where we end up getting booked but the 715's over 718's sounds very good.