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  1. Fairly sure..... I can send you one of my files and you can see if it opens with the device id's reset. Normally, I set my id's to the last two octets of my ip range ( id would be 8020, etc), when I save the file and reopen it, the id's are set to 1,2,3,etc. Does that make sense? This did not start until the 1.20 version of System Architect was installed.
  2. Once I save a file in System Architect using version 1.20 and then re-open the same file, the dvice addresses are reset to default addresses. This only happens with my CTs amplifiers in a dataframe that contains both iTechs and CTs amps. Any advice?
  3. Works like a charm on a Intel Mac Book Pro... I use mine all the time in real world events. It does require a lot of memory but so does the app on a true Windows machine.