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  1. My xti 1000 got,s a very cloudy and distorted sound on channel 2.First I thought it was the speaker,I switched them around,the speaker in question was clear now.So it is the it,s making noise, when I hit a low note,like it,s clipping but the lights are all green.I took my unit to the service shop recomended by Crown,they told me this unit is very cheaply made,and the see a lot of these units.They are backed up for weeks ,but a $40 bribe will get me to the front of the line.I called another shop same thing ,backed up for weeks ,but a $75 bribe would get me to the front.I call Crown and told the guy there,he said the shops "got to make there money"..And I said "dont you all pay them or do they work for free for crown...This is my secord crown..I am thinking of trading this in for a QCS...I am very upsett about the demand for a bribe for service..And based on the phone call Crown no,s about this practice.. and it,s not fair..,s.. it sucks ..
  2. Down loaded QHiQnet software" what now"

    Hi Mate,so happy to hear from you.First theres the SWR Mini MO preamp,Crown xti 1000 power,one 600 watt 4 ohm speaker with 3x10s and 600 watt 4 ohm 2x12 speaker.Monster 2500 power conditioner.High end Tara lab speaker cables.Hi-Def monsters cable connect pre-amp to power-amp. I run the crown in stereo,the pre-amps got effects.I have a wet and dry sides, I seek to get the optimal setting for bass guitar.The last amp I used, had 100 watts less then the crown,but I need to turn it up 3 quarters when all I needed was 2 quarters on the amp with less power ... 900 vs 1000..hope you can help....
  3. The last time I wrote a post,I got one response.Guess you all dont like dumb sound wise Bassplayers.Well I got the software on disc and on my slow pc.But I dont know about EQ and Crossovers as it relates to bass guitar,My system is not Bi amp.Its just a simple two channel rig..Who can help me set up my Xti 1000 in a way that optimal for bass guitar.I thought maybe there would be some guide lines for ,PA or keys,horns and yes Bass but no its just bunch of funtions I dont understand.
  4. Hi forum members :hows it going?First of all,this is my secord Crown for a bass rig.Here are the the components .The pre-amp is an SWR MINI MO,please find spec at a Monster 2500 pro power conditioner..and the XTI 1000..wired with high-end monster cables and Tara lab speaker cable,hi check them out at am not a techie type,I have not down loaded the an old slow pc..I seek help from those of you who can help me get the best bass guitar settings..I have to hit the ground running got gigs this week end had it two days..I have read many post,some made me think twice about buying a crown..But I know this the best for the money...I look forward to hearing from you all..should I plug the XTI into the power conditioner?..I will be running it in stereo.I have a wet and dry channells..two hi-end 4 omhs speakers..