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  1. XTI 4000

    I tried that route already and the engineer argued with me for close to an hour that it was the accoustics of the bar and not the fact that the amps are improperly tuned. I explained to the owner that I understood the need to protect the speakers. I admit that I used to blow speakers in the beginning when I didn't know/understand what was happening. Now, 10 years later I get it. And I explained to him the benefit of having clean sound throughout. He is like most club owners... he does not want to spend any more money. He didn't like that I said that he probably should not run 4 subs off the one amp... nor should he run 8 mids/highs off the other one amp. Just doesn't seem right to me. Anyhow, the subs are the unpowered JBL JRX118S. The way it is set up now it sounds as if the frequency concentration is down in the very low freqs and not anywhere near like where the driving punch of a house song, or the hard hit of the 808 style bass lines in rap/hip hop songs. I played a raggae song for the engineer and the owner explaining how dancehall raggae has bass that transitions and hits over several different frequency types... travelling up and down the freqs... on the system... couldn't hear the bass freqs moving with the song... only a low almost growl. NOW, knowing what I know about "old school" component equalizers... if this were the case I would simply increase/decrease these freqs to my liking and adjust over several different songs I would play while the club is open. I asked the engineer to do this... and he couldn't produce what we were asking. But I can't even get into the dmn thing to see. lol I know the amps have a way to save his settings so, should they not like my changes, they can simply revert back to the old way too. My first feeling is there is too much speaker for the single XTI 4000. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your input thus far and I look forward to your response. - Coy
  2. XTI 4000

    I have been playing for nightclubs for 12 years now and have seen some really well put together systems and some RAELLY bad planning too. The club I just started spinning for has a real techy guy for a sound guy that has a background in home and church type installs... no history with loud driving systems. He set them up with 4 x 18" JBL subs all 4 powered by one single XTI 4000. This to me already seemed to be underpowered... I have seen these amps run two of these 18"s but not 4. Also he has 8 (eight!!!!) mids and highs hooked up to the other XTI 4000. Wouldn't this mean the amp is running at 2 or 1 ohms? I see the amp is stable at 2 ohms... but these speakers must be 4 or 8 ohm speaks. I can find out the specs on these later. Just seems like they are running too many speakers for what the amp and/or speakers are rated for. Can someone give some input? If the sub amp is cool running 4 x 18"s then can someone assist me on getting the internal EQ setup properly. The way the sound guy has it set up, it sounds like only the subsonic band widths are coming thru... where the speak is shaking a lot, however is not giving that mid to low bass PUNCH that we all know and love in the industry. I, being the DJ, and telling the owner it is not tuned right and/or it is an amp/speaker mis-match is not getting me anywhere... esp when "professional" sound guy thinks he has it tuned correctly. The guy also has the owner by the balls cause he does all the adjustments on the computer and has me locked out of manually adjusting tehe EQ on the unit face. Any help greatly appreciated. - Coy