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  1. Xti4000 with JBL MRX515

    I remember you replied on my question regarding setup for my XTI4k and MRX515 and you said this will leave me a very little headroom. You recommended to use 2 XTI1k and bridge them for each speaker. I'm using the XTI4k in stereo with the MRX515 and have not yet used it in bridge mode. Don't know how hard you are planning of pushing the amp but I have not pushed it to clipping point. Underpowering the speakers ~ I don't know but it seems to work for me.
  2. I'm testing my system and preparing myself for an up coming gig using my equipments for the first time. My testing was on moderate volume levels as I was just testing in the living room. Setup my cfx12 to dbx eq to mrx amp (xti4000) to srx amp (xti4000 bridged). Set mrx amp to cross at HP 95Hz LR 48db/oct 0 BP gain and LP 14kHz LR 24db/oct 0 BP gain; limiter -3db Set srx amp to cross at HP 40Hz LR 24db/oct 4.7db BP gain and LP 95Hz LR 48db/oct 4.7db BP gain; limiter -3db I started playing CDs and the mix sounded good to me but I am tempted to bump up the Bandpass Gain for the sub as I feel that it's not producing enough sound so I set it to 6db. Now when I connected my keyboards to 2 channels on the mixer (pan L-R), I'm getting too much bass. I setup the bass knob for the channel strips on the mixer to fully counter clockwise and still hitting a loud boom upon pressing the lower octave keys. I set the Bandpass gain back to 4.7db and lower the 63Hz to 100Hz of my dbx 31 eq and have the low cut button set on the dbx eq to trim some more of the bass sound. I tried several sounds/instruments and play around a little with the mixer's channel strip eq for the keyboards to set it to my desired sound (but still with loud bass). My conclusion was: CD ~ Bandpass gain 4.7db on xti for sub, dbx eq's low cut button NOT set to get full low freq sound and full volume srx amp Live band ~ Bandpass gain 4.7db on xti for sub, dbx eq's low cut button set to cut low freq, volume on the srx amp set to half or 3/4 and the 63Hz to 100Hz lowered a little for the dbx eq. When I use the two mrx515 without the sub, I seem to like the sound coming from it with just having the dsp set to limit -3db and not using the crossover function on the amp and letting the speaker's crossover just do it's job. Would anyone be able to give me an idea how I could improve my setting or any comment on my setting? I was also tempted to use the mrx and srx together but not setting the crossover on the mrx amp (full range) and only set the crossover on the srx amp. Will this be ok? thanks in advance
  3. thanks for your input anyone with mrx515 and srx718 speakers who can share their dsp settings on the xtis..... I'm planning on switching the xti2000 with another xti4000 to power the SRX718s upon setting it to bridge (and the limiter to -3db or -6db?) It will give me more headroom on the sub and get me ready when I upgrade to two SRX718s.
  4. this is what i have: xti4000 xti2000 (2) mrx515 mains (1) srx718s sub dbx 1231 mackie cfx12 live music use 1. wanted to setup the mains in stereo xti4000 powering up two mrx515 then the xti2000 bridged powering srx718. would that be enough power for srx718? what will be a good setup for this? 2. how would i setup the high pass and low pass filters on the two amps? 3. when running in bridged mono can I use the sub out from my mackie to the input of the amp for the sub? what would you rather recommend. 4. how would i setup cross over for both amps? any suggestion would be greatly appreciated Thanks