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  1. Nasty crackling sounds

    ok, so i tested it on another source and it still makes the noises. The amp is still under warrenty and i would like to have it serviced. Is there any forms that i have to fill out?
  2. Nasty crackling sounds

    I'm pretty sure its not ahead of the amp, but i will test it on another source to be sure. The rating of the speakers are 200 watts each, but the noise is comming from all the speakers, so i doubt that all my speakers are the problem.
  3. I havent used this amp in a while and today i decided to listen to some music. While doing so i noticed that during some louder parts there would be a crackling noise. I have this amp hooked to 4 15 inch subs (2 per channel) which is running at 4 ohms per channel. Any ideas?
  4. XLS 402 - 2 Ohm Load

    i saw your question wasnt answered, so ill answer it for you-- the xls 402 is 300 watts per channel @ 8 ohms 450 watts per channel @ 4 ohms 570 watts per channel @ 2 ohms 900 watts bridged @ 8 ohms 1140 watts bridged @ 4 ohms
  5. Bridged @ 2 ohms

    well, for a little less than the cost of a new kicker, i just bought 2 18" acoustic audio subs.
  6. crown xls 402

    Thanks for answering my question I will look into one of those
  7. crown xls 402

    whats an ART cleanbox?
  8. Bridged @ 2 ohms

    chris, in my last post, i was saying i should get the dual 2 ohm becuae i can make it 4 ohm by wiring in series. which would be ok with the bridging. I asked the question because i was going to get the dual 4 ohm and wire in parallel, but since it would make it 2 ohms, i cant do it. hope that clears things up. Stephane, i will look those up. i havent bought anything yet.
  9. Bridged @ 2 ohms

    ok thanks for the info crownsound wolfgong, I was thinking about getting a single kicker solo baric(sp?) 15 inch sub. it comes with dual 4 ohm voice coils and dual 2 ohm voice coils. If i get this sub, i will have to get the dual 2 ohm and wire it for series. The only reason why im going to up grade is that my 4 old 15 inch omegas dont have the greatest sound. They sound good, but i'd like something that sounds better.
  10. Hi, I have a crown xls 402 and I'm probally going to be upgrading subwoofers this summer and i was thinking of getting 15" polk momos, but then i thought, well, what if i got a single sub and i bridged my amp. I didnt see anywhere in the manual about bridging @ 2 ohms, so i was wondering if it would be ok.
  11. crown xls 402

    ok. do you have any recamendations for transformers?
  12. crown xls 402

    ok, i just looked that up. i unpluged the xlr connectors and there wasnt a buzz anymore. I then pluged it back in and there was a buzz, i moved the cable around away from any componets and there was still a buzz. the cable is a brand new monster cable subwoofer cable. coukd it just be the fact that im going from an unballanced(rca) to a ballanced(xlr) connector?
  13. crown xls 402

    well, i know its not the harman kardon. i use to have 2 harman kardon hk775 amps and i never had the problem with the buzzing. Plus the old amps didnt have a ground. I'll search the ground loop problem.
  14. hi I was just wondering what different kinds of systems that some of you have. pics are always nice too I'll start, I'm young, so i dont have the greatest stuff... I have all this stuff in my bedroom. I have a Harman Kardon AVR 240 (which is a 7.1 reciver) that i have a polk audio rm202 center and polk rm101 fronts and surrounds. I have a polk audio psw 12 in the back of my room that i have for rear channel bass. for my front subs, i have 4 old omega 15" subs. each one is 200 watts rms @ 8 ohms. I use my Crown xls 402 to power these. i have them wired in paralell @ 4 ohms. i also have 2 old hitachi speaker boxes that I painted and 'regrilled'. these dont have any speakers yet, but they will soon. i will use these for my fronts and the rm101s will become my surround and surround backs. that way I have a 7.2 surround sound in my bedroom. (the polk sub is for rear channel bass only, the omegas are for front channel bass only, thus getting the '2' in 7.2 ) One last thing. I will probally be upgrading to two polk momo 15" dual 4ohm voice coil subs for my fronts. i will wire these in parallel so i can run 2 ohms.
  15. hi I have a crown xls 402 that i just recently got. is the buzzing noise normal? or is there something worng? i do keep the volume knobs about in the middle. when i turn them up the buzzing gets louder...