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  1. I have the orginal pip cards in my IQ System and I need to cahnge the address on one card, or I need to figure out the address. so if anyone could give me the code for the dip switches so that I can interpret or cahnge them that would be great. Thanks
  2. I solved the issue. I checked the wirieng again and ultimatle discovered that wires were backwords. Everything is working. Thanks
  3. I recently installe an IQ interface 3 to work with my old IQ system. The problem that I have is that I have a break in the line before the first input of amp #1. I don't know where the break is. The description of my system is that I go from the interface into my first pip card which is a IQ P.I.P. ver 1.04 and then through approximately 14 other amps with the same pip cards and back into the interface. 12 are located in an amp room approximately 125' away and two amps that are located with in 10 feet of the interface. I thought that I had a bad lcommunication line from the booth to the amp room. O I decided to make the communiocations happen in the control room to make sure that everything was working here and then add amps to confirm that everything works. I again recieved the same message, that the break is before the first input of amp #1 Do I have a bad card do I have a bad ethernet cable that I connected to the din connector? How can I continue to troubleshoot? Thanks For your help and sorry about the long winded message