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  1. System Archetict & XTI 4ks

    Thanks for the response. I'll see where those tunings get me and keep in mind the xover points for the sub and the tops as I get it all up and running. Thanks! Warren
  2. Okay here is my first post... My rig is as follows 4 EAW KF 650 tops 4 EAW SB 850 subs 4 Crown XTI 4000 amps I have been using a driverack PA to tune the system but I downloaded the system architect and would love to bypass the driverack and utilize the internal processing in the XTI amps. I am brand new to system architect and I was wonderinng if there are any baseline tunings I can download anywhere. I run the 650's biamped rather than triamped and give the subs 1800 watts a piece (they run 2000 program but I do worship music so I can get by) but if there was some baseline file that could get me in the ballpark and up and running quicker that would be great. Any help or ideas? Thanks! Warren