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  1. Limiters

    Howdy, you know I thought abut this too. And by the way the Mackie DFX manual does mention the limiter being used, by plugging it into the Insert connector, (pg. 9, connector #4). I talked this over with my sales engineers from Sweetwater and decided to buy a DBX 166XL. A lot of units are called compressors or gates or limiters but this was one of the few (and very affordable) that actually Says Limiter on it and on the specs.
  2. XLS 602 in Gator Rack Case

    Howdy, Well here is what I have now. I decided the Gator case might NOT be the one for me. Their website was too vague and I found the one with a removable back was an SKB case. I bought the 106DJ Station case. It has 10 spaces on the slanted top and 6 on the front. I wanted to put the Crown XLS in the middle of the front but the cables connected to the limiter were hitting the amp. So I had to put the Crown with 1 blank space below it in the front. I think there is still ample room for air to circulate beneath the amp and the back stays open while in use. In the top I have a DBX 166XL limiter mounted vertically and made a shelf for the mixer to sit on. Mackie does not offer rack ears for the DFX12 and I wanted it to be recessed a little anyhow so the cover would not be laying right on the faders and knobs. Of course the little rack is already out of room, but I reckon that’s all I need. I do like the fact that it is all centrally located in one a portable unit. I also like the padded cover SKB provides to keep the dust out (mostly of the mixer, cause its on top). Thanks!, John
  3. XLS 602 in Gator Rack Case

    Howdy, Yeah the Gator Site lacks a bunch! It doesn’t give any real information about their products, like sizes or functional properties or all around views. I looked at the GRR 8L you use but I don’t think that’s not what I want. I mostly want something with a removable cover to mount the mixer in the top and has a slant to it, has spaces in the front to mount the Crown to, with rails in the back to screw to, a removable back for wiring and ventilation purposes, built in handles, indestructible and yeah, cheap too! I had read where the Crowns need air from the side and that’s why I asked the question to start with. The more I have learned though, I believe that doesn’t apply to the XLS series. I think it just takes air in the front and blows it out the back. Which means I do need the back to open up. Some of the Gators I’ve seen have an operable, removable back panel with little red ears that let you take the back off when in use. That’s what I need. I want to keep the mixer and amp together and if I move them around, it’s mostly just going to be at home. I really appreciate all the help though! Keep it comin! Thanks, John
  4. XLS 602 in Gator Rack Case

    Thanks a lot. I believe the back is removable while in use. If it's not, I won't even considering buying one.
  5. Crown XLS 402

    Howdy, I realize that I am new here and am definitely not an audio expert or a “Sound Man” but the reason I bought this Crown amp was because of something I learned on JBL’s web site after buying a set of PA cabinets. JBL says your amp should be able to produce at least 1.5 times what your speakers can handle. I know this sounds like the opposite of anything I ever heard but my sales engineer at Sweetwater confirmed it. Copy and paste this if it doesn’t come up as a link, and see what JBL says about it. They say you can do damage to speakers by under powering them. Good luck! http://www.jblpro.com/pub/technote/lowpower.pdf
  6. Howdy, New user, new member. This question is for the Crown reps in the forum. I just purchased an XLS 602D. I would like to mount the amp and my Mackie mixer in a Gator GDJ 10X6. I need to know if this will provide enough air circulation for the amp. If there is anything else I need to know, please inform me. Thanks, When in doubt, Go Loco!