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  1. Roelli, If it's the mute ciruit the signal will be present up to output of U101A pin 1. If the mute circuit has not released the signal will be shorted to ground. This circuit is there so at power up if signal is present at the input it will be shorted to ground during the 4-6 second turn on delay. If the cap in that circuit is bad it can keep that circuit active all the time keeping the signal shorted to ground. If you want to verify you can remove Q133 from the ciruit then power up the amp and when it comes out of it's turn on delay apply a signal. If the signal passes at the same level then change the cap or make sure Q133 is shorted. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  2. XTI4000 cutting out

    Cindy, I've been talking with Mary Lou who put your system in. Can you please call me when available so we can discuss this matter. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support 800-342-6939 ext 8013
  3. Outdated Firmware in New Amp?

    There's two tabs for presets, 10 each, the missing six presets are not with in the second preset tab? I have not had any known issue with loading more then 10 presets. If this is the case canyou e-mail me your file so I can load it into an amp to see what it does? My e-mail is Thanks, Kip
  4. Outdated Firmware in New Amp?

    The current firmware shipping on ITech is the and the should be going into production very soon. Yes you will need IQWic 8.20 or you will see OIF mis-match error when you run IQ Utility and you won't be able to make a TCP communication. If you do a firmware update of all amps to that's fine. One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you made any preset files under 1.301 firmware you can not load these into the amps with You would have to re-create those files as the filter allocations have changed so they will not load in correctly. The best thing you may just want to back grade the new amp to the 1.301 firmware and not worry about it. If what you have programmed in the amps is very little or easy to re-create then updating to would be fine. Either way, if you back grade or update to new I still recommend using the new IQWic software. Thanks, Kip Crown Tech Support
  5. Someone can solve this?

    Eddy, At power up measure the speaker output for a DC offset. Find out which channel is producing a DC voltage and keeping the amp shut down. If there's a DC voltage you will see a quick flash of DC and the amp will go into protect. Form what you have started and looking into ch. 2 I would look at replacing ch. 2's LVA transistors. They are Q32, 33, 219, 30, 31 and 211. Three are PNP's and the other three are the NPN's. If one of these transistors become leaky it can cause a DC offset and place the whole amp in protect mode. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  6. Macrotech 5002VZ Issue

    The DC/LF red LED means DC / Low Frequency. The problem most likely lies in the output module. You may have a shorted output device that is producing a DC offset which is why it cycles. Once the DC level drops the amp will try to power back up but if the DC voltage appears again it will cycle back off. So you get this cycling effect. If you plan on checking this yourself you can swap output modules from channel to channel. This will tell you if it's output module related or not. If you wish to send it in for repair you can go to the home page. Just about half way down at the home page is a section marked Quick Links, if you click on Factory Service / SRA, there you can fill out the information for a SRA number to send it back to Crown on. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  7. xls 602 channel 2 output problem

    It's also possible that the front level pot is or has been damaged. That will also cause no audio to pass in that channel. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  8. D-75A IOC activates when amp powered up

    If the level pot itself has one of it's solder connections making contact with the front panel it will cause this symptom. You need to remove the top cover and make sure the pot hasn't moved. Other then that is could be a leaky cap or small signal transistor causing the IOC condition. The best way to tell that is place it on a bench and run a signal and when it acts up see if the positive or negative side is missing. This could lead to a leaky or defective last voltage amp transistor, pre-driver or even a bias transistor. Since it appears to be some what intermittent it could be tricky to locate. I would suggest the amp come in for service to be checked out. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  9. amcron microtech 1201 problem!

    If the fuse blew it's most likely due to either the bridge rectifier or even the transformer. The fuse is for that channels power supply. If the board has traces damaged that board is still available and the part number is Q42867-4. If the transformer is defective, sorry but that transformer is no longer available. I've rarely changed out any transformers over the years I've been at Crown or dealing with service centers world wide. I know on other amps when the bridge rectifier shorts it will pull a lot of current and amps that have breakers vs. fuse pop open so a fuse opening check the bridge rectifier. Thanks Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  10. macrotech 2401

    Richard, Check the VCC caps and make sure one's not open causing excessive ripple. Also it may be the input CMR pot needing cleaned and adjusted. If the CMR pot is out of adjustment you should be able to tell by injecting a 1KHz square wave and with a scope connected to the output you should see a clean square wave. If the rise of the square wave is curved that pot may need cleaning and re-adjusted. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  11. Repair Case History MA2400

    What you repaired on this amp is what we refer to as the low side of bridge. The low side of bridge is what swings the reference point plus and minus of VCC. The low side is made up of three NPN and three PNP output transistors, 1 NPN and 1 PNP driver, bias string D 09-12, and a few resistors on the output module. On the main board it's Q115 and 116 for channel 1 and Q215 and Q216 for channel 2. Each transistor has a 200 Ohm resistor that may open when the low side goes. The best thing to do when repairing is measure bias voltages, VCC and ODEP voltages. These three will tell us or you a lot. If bias is missing then that will lead you to components such as the 200Ohm resistor you found open. VCC, if unbalanced that will tell you it's low side related. ODEP voltage low, missing or unadjustable could be several things, The ODEP circuit itself like open resistors on the main board, the PTC or the thermal IC that's embedded on the output board. The ODEp circuit can effect the high side of bridge and you can disable ODEP by removing Q100 and Q103 in channel 1, Q200 and Q203 for channel 2. If ODEP is the cause of the problem removing these transistor will disable ODEP from the signal path which could help lead you to the problem area. Hope this helps. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  12. PSL-2 Documentation Search

    Trevor, Send me an e-mail request to and I will send you a copy of the SL-2 owner manual. The only difference between the SL-2 and PSL-2 is color and the SL-2 said Aux where the PSL-2 said CD. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  13. There was a bug on v2.0 and it was taken down. Until it's released again stay with v1.301 and IQwic 7.2.1. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  14. popcorn noise in CT 200

    As soon as time allows and I can get out of archive a older CT200 or 400 to measure I will get you that voltage. I just got back into the office from attending a trade show in London and know getting ready for 2 service schools. This is my priorities at this time so please be patient and if you need to please e-mail me direct for a reminder. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support
  15. K 1 Noisy pot on channel one

    Sometimes rotating the pot back and fourth several times will clean out the contacts. Otherwise you need to open the amplifier up and remove the display board the pots are attached to and use contact cleaner sprayed inside the pot. If this needs to be done I would contact your distributor which is Jands to have them perform the cleaning. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support