Powered by Crown App v2.0.3 (iOS)

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2016

The Powered by Crown app allows wireless control and monitoring of Crown Ethernet enabled devices and JBL Professional Drivepack DPDA models. Since this app uses the same protocols as HiQnet™ System Architect, users can import custom control panels from System Architect into this Powered by Crown app for added flexibility and functionality.


  • Instantly connect to your Crown networked amps; just plug your amps into any wireless router, watch the amps auto-populate, and you have full control of everything

  • Watch over your entire rig using your iPhone or iPad, anywhere in the venue – intuitive control panels allow you to monitor input levels, output levels, thermal conditions – anything you need

  • Need to limit control or see something special? Choose any controls you want using Audio Architect custom panels; then easily import them using iTunes

  • Use the app to control I-Tech HD, Macro-Tech i, and CTs (CTs requires network PIP card)
  • The USBX interface allows users to access USB-enabled amplifiers like XTi2, CDi and DSi through a wired or wireless Ethernet network while monitoring and controlling those amps with Powered by Crown on your iPhone or iPad.


NOTE: Since a Wi-Fi wireless network connection is required to use this app, it is highly recommended that users set up a secure network to reduce the risk of unwanted control and monitoring of the system from others using this app.

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